CorelCAD Tutorials

Basic User Interface Tour

Tour the CorelCAD user interface to become familiar with the standard user interface components, such as menus, tool bars, palettes and the command window.

The Menu bar

See what options are available to you from the Menu bar.

The CorelCAD cursor

Learn all about the CorelCAD cursor in this short video.

The coordinate system (CS) icon

Learn how to work with the coordinate system (CS) icon in the CorelCAD drawing (model space) window. This icon helps to identify the drawing plane by showing XYZ axes in the model space.

Vector entities

See how you can draw and modify lines, circles, arcs and other geometries by specifying key attributes using tool bar items, command window and properties palette.

Working with palettes

Learn how to use the various dockers in CorelCAD, such as the Properties palette. See how the Tool Matrix can help to keep the most frequent tools at hand without taking up precious screen space.

Basic design concepts: 2D drafting with coordinates - Part 1

See how you can draw objects precisely using absolute, relative and polar coordinates. Learn valuable tricks, such as combining the mouse and keyboard for quick yet precise drafting.

2D drafting with coordinates - Part 2

Use the status bar to monitor coordinates while drawing graphics objects on screen.

Basic design concepts: Snap, Grid and Ortho drawing mode and Object Snap methods

Learn how the Snap, Entity Snap, Grid and Ortho drawing modes can help you draw objects precisely.

Selecting drawing objects

Learn about the options for selecting drawing objects (entities) in CorelCAD.