Fashion and Textile Design Report:

Unlocking your creativity and confidence through modern design tools

Explore the current state of design processes in the fashion and textile industry. Learn how digital design tools can increase productivity and elevate creativity.

Explore the existing state of design processes within the fashion and textile industry. Understand how limited technology adoption can have repercussions on quality and efficiency. In addition, you can learn key strategies to bridge digital design gaps for enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and creativity.

In this report, you will gain first-hand industry expertise from Erica Horne, fashion lecturer, digital skills trainer, and founder of CAD for Fashion. She offers her insight into existing efficiency challenges and how design tools can help overcome them.

This report will:

  • Highlight the current state of design practices in the fashion and textile industry.
  • Outline the benefits of investing in acquiring digital design skills.
  • Explain how digital design tools enable designers to create high-quality designs in less time.

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