Standing out from the crowd is as important in racing as it is anywhere else.

Working with high profile racing teams, Michael Boote, of Rage Designs produces custom helmet and motorcycle vinyl graphics to identify and differentiate riders. He also creates motorcycle liveries, pit garage displays and race truck designs, incorporating the brand identity of the team and team sponsors.

It’s all about building a brand out of top racers, and Michael relies on the power of CorelDraw Graphics Suite to do just that: delivering intricate, differentiated helmet and motorcycle designs, to riders’ specifications.

Image is everything

Rage Designs was born when owner Michael Boote combined his two passions, motorcycling and painting. He’s been involved in motorcycle and helmet paintwork since 1995 and started producing his own vinyl graphics using a very basic sign making software package. As their exposure grew, they begun working with high profile racing teams and needed to produce graphics in-house, which enabled them to build a strong relationship with many top teams and racers.

With their reputation on the line, every graphical representation is critical. The big design break came for Rage Designs when they were asked to design the layout for the Ducati race bikes, support vehicles and pit garage display.

Speed and performance

Since discovering the power of CorelDRAW, it has become a daily staple in their design toolbox. According to Mike, it’s a complex, yet user friendly, program that he uses for helmet graphic design and so much more.

He starts with a template of a motorcycle helmet in various elevations to create a design in a specific style and color set for the team or racer. This first step allows the rider to see the design concept before Michael starts the painting process.

CorelDRAW Graphic Suite is the ideal solution for a multitude of our design needs.

Outpace the competition with CorelDRAW

With an array of creative and comprehensive tools, Michael relies on Corel DRAW to find just the right font, then manipulates it into a suitable logo, adding curves and infilling with textures, transparencies and drop shadows. Using an assortment of precision-based features and vector capabilities, he can also distort a graphic or logo on the centerline so it lies perfectly on a curved surface-an essential step in his daily work.

Rage Designs now enjoys a strong and diverse following of loyal and legendary customers, including work for the SMR Racing BMW World Superbike 2018. They pride themselves on having designed helmets for racers such as Peter Hickman, John McGuinness, Leon Camier and many more high profile teams and riders.

Flexible and fast

During race season, Rage Designs must manage tight deadlines and sometimes needs to design and produce helmets and bodywork in lightning fast time. CorelDRAW helps them design it on the same day.

The program is easy to use, so they don't waste any time. Once they get approval, they start work immediately. In addition, they now have their own cutters and plotters and have been known to turn around a race helmet in a week during TT season, including for a young rider in the British Superbike Championship, Ross Turner. They simply couldn't do it without Corel.

... we have to get our designs exactly to the specifications of our riders and CorelDRAW is the perfect tool to achieve this.

Simplify the design process

Here's a step-by-step overview of how Rage Design makes the most of CorelDRAW for their logo needs:

  1. Choose a suitable font
  2. Check alignment on letters
  3. Convert the font to a graphic format
  4. Duplicate the original before manipulating the lettering
  5. Combine all the letters & numbers so they can be manipulated as a group
  6. Add Italic slant
  7. Duplicate and reverse the slant so both logo's face the same way on each side of the helmet
  8. Outline the logo using the contour menu
  9. Add curve to logo so it will follow the lines of the helmet when applied
  10. Add some lines to the helmet itself
  11. Apply the finished logo on the helmet