NEW Industry report:How the print industry leverages design software to maximize efficiency and reduce waste

Learn why print businesses who update their graphic design software are 45% more likely to experience higher efficiency.

Graphic design software is an essential tool in the printing industry, yet our recent report from NAPCO research suggests relatively small investments to keep software current are often overlooked when compared to high outlays for equipment purchases.

In this report, members of the commercial printing industry share their insights into several production topics, outlining the link between software and it’s impacts resulting in internal efficiencies, waste reduction, and improved color management.

Increase production efficiency
Increase production efficiency
Reduce waste
Reduce waste
Improve color accuracy and management
Improve color accuracy and management

Our industry report uncovered key findings including:


of respondents state that their use of graphic design software has provided increased efficiency in prepress.


of respondents have invested in production equipment (printing and/or finishing) to improve production efficiency.


of respondents have invested in upgrading current software solutions to improve production efficiency.


of print companies surveyed indicated there’s room to improve the efficiency of preparing graphic design files for print.

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