Apparel tech pack collaboration made easy

Collaborate and refine textile designs to ensure flawless execution.

Are you involved in apparel design? If so, you are most definitely communicating ideas via a tech pack. When developing and reviewing designs, it can be very easy to miss important design updates and changes which can cause costly mistakes further down the line.

To avoid these typical pitfalls, join Apparel trainer and textile expert Erica Horne, as she showcases the unique benefits CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite brings to apparel design and collaboration, empowering designers to execute an idea to production, flawlessly, so that you never miss a change or a deadline.

In this session, Erica will outline how easy it is to bring an initial technical sketch of a garment into CorelDRAW. From there you will then learn how to:

  • Utilize CorelDRAW’s multiple page set-up to create a tech pack for a singular design, outlining its aspects like construction details, sizing, and fabric.
  • How to bring in artwork, embroideries, patterns, labels, and develop key outlines, saving time in the product development phase.
  • How CorelDRAW can simultaneously update design information in one area—such as color—which updates automatically throughout a pack to reduce costly errors.
  • Utilize collaboration tools to enable live changes such as fabric choice, materials, or trims in a tech pack or similar design project - at the same time as colleagues or suppliers, to streamline the review process.
About the speaker

Erica Horne has extensive experience as a fashion designer and product developer, having worked with various brands from concept to production. She now runs CAD for Fashion, a service that aims to boost brands' proficiency and confidence in creative digital technology.