Getting started with CorelDRAW Technical Suite Part 2

Choosing the right technical illustration solution which supports a seamless workflow when working with multiple 2D and 3D file sources and data, that can scale, and makes the production process more cost efficient, is imperative to growth.

In this hands-on Webinar, we’ll show you how CorelDRAW Technical Suite can transform product information into professional visual documentation which will empower your teams – and your customers and suppliers – and accelerate your current workflows.

In this second instalment of Getting started with CorelDRAW Technical Suite we will go further in exploring the solutions powerful graphics capabilities and abilities to leveraging 2D and 3D data, showcasing the additional power of XVL Studio, an optional add-on, which provides advanced animation tools necessary to work with 3D CAD engineering files.

In this session we will focus on:

  • Importing 2D and 3D data – how you can take data from all sources – and using this information prepare technical illustrations and drawings based on guidelines and exacting specifications.
  • Examine in greater detail the dedicated illustration and design tools that ensure accuracy for axonometric drawing, advanced dimensioning and detailed callouts – showing you how you can automatically apply hotspots and object information on callouts, saving time.
  • Explore XVL Studio 3D CAD, an optional add-on, that provides animation tools and greater power when working with 3D CAD engineering files.
  • Show you how XVL Studio can deliver information for assemblies and parts from 3D CAD systems in a quick and streamlined way.
  • With a live Q&A Session.

The Speaker
Christian Schmaehl

Based near Cologne, Christian trained as a Mechanical Engineer and has further certification as a Technical Illustrator. He has an extensive background working in the Technical Illustration software industry. Working with Corel, the Canadian Headquartered company, Christian is part of a team specialized in Corel’s Technical Illustration software range, ensuring our products continually meet client requirements, from 3D Visualization to multimedia publishing, whilst adhering to S1000D specifications.