Photo-editing Crash Course With Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2021

Designers and photographers today are creating images for brands, products, or events which must tell and sell a story. When it comes to the producing the right image, visual creators must focus on understanding composition and colour theory, whilst building the technical skills required to edit and bring those stories to life.

To help achieve a professional style and aesthetic requires a set of tools that supports your artistic expression. In this session we’ll explore Corel PHOTO-PAINT™ 2021, a toolset which provides a vast range of professional photo editing tools at your fingertips.

As a component of CorelDRAW Graphic Suite, this photo editing software offers professional image editing tools and support including PSD and HEIF files.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Create complex compositions - Powerful, non-destructive layer-based editing makes working with multiple images and objects easy and forgiving.
  • Paint, draw, and add text - Modify images or create new images from a blank canvas with a variety of drawing and painting tools like lines, shapes and brushstrokes. Incorporate text and interesting text effects to photos with typographic tools.
  • Add special effects - Corel PHOTO-PAINT’s effects filters make it easy to apply a wide range of transformations to images, from bokeh to sepia tone.

What our users say

"A very intuitive and robust photo editing program"
Dewil Emilio Campos Ribeiro, Corel PHOTO-PAINT artist