Reinventing customized apparel production: Technology’s role in the future of fashion

Where creativity meets productivity

  • Use technology to design a better, more sustainable future for fashion.
  • Revamp workflows to improve efficiency, from design to production.
  • Implement automated manufacturing for customized apparel.

The apparel industry is at a crossroads: the current business model is unsustainable, and the fashion industry must evolve.

In this roundtable, we’ve examined the past and present to uncover ways the future of apparel production can be radically redesigned, exploring questions like:

  • How can we eliminate waste in the form of time, creativity, and materials?
  • How can we design in ways that make on-demand production and manufacturing more efficient?
  • What tools, skills, and software do we need to overcome these various challenges?

This roundtable discussion is animated by Debbie McKeegan, CEO of Texintel, with the participation of our special guests:

  • Erica Horne – CAD for Fashion
  • Guy Alroy – Early Vision
  • Kirby Best – BMC Fashion

Join our expert panel as they discuss reinventing the future of fashion! Simply fill out the form to watch the webinar on demand.