CorelDRAW for Business FAQs

The following FAQs relate to CorelDRAW Volume licenses that include both CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and/or CorelDRAW Technical Suite.
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No — You do not have to create a customer account in advance. With the Proof of Entitlement Certificate e-mail you will receive instructions for registering the purchased license into a Corel customer account. The account can be created during the software deployment process.
Yes! Simply enter the e-mail address of the Corel customer account when you're asked to provide account credentials in the CorelDRAW deployment process (when creating a server image). Afterwards, you can log in to as usual and check license status and access managed installations in the section Product status and subscriptions. Note that this Corel account will be used for administering the CorelDRAW product licenses assigned to it. You may want to consider creating this administrative account using a specific email rather than a personal email as account user name.
Currently, only the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and CorelDRAW Technical Suite licenses can be displayed and managed in the Corel customer account. Downloads and serial numbers for licenses of all Corel products are provided with the Proof of Entitlement Certificate e-mail.
CorelDRAW licenses are managed via a Corel customer account that provides access to all license orders for matters pertaining to this product, and include cloud-based contents and functionality. Software download and serial nunmbers for installation and deployment are provided with the Proof of Entitlement Certificate e-mail, which does not allow for license management without assigning the license to (an administrative) customer account.
If you don't want to take advantage of the license management options provided in the license management console you can deploy the software without assigning it to a customer account. For further information and detailed instructions about software deployment options for your CorelDRAW product please consult the Deployment Guide available for download here.
When registering a new license, make sure you're logging into your Corel customer account that contains the previously purchased licenses. After the license has been registered, you will find both existing and new licenses in the "Product Status and Subscriptions" section in the online account. Select the "Merge subscriptions" option to consolidate 2 licenses into one "license package". Note that merged subscription licenses will have a pro-rated renewal date considering the number of licenses and subscription days left.
For detailed information and instructions about software deployment options for your CorelDRAW product please consult the Deployment Guide available for download here.
Yes — A License Media Pack (LMP) is still available. Please ask your reseller about this option. You can deploy the software based on the downloadable version available with the Proof of Entitlement Certificate e-mail or by using the DVD (LMP).
When a new version of your licensed CorelDRAW product is released, maintenance licensees will receive a notification via email. The Upgrade notification with all required information how to obtain the installation files and serial numbers for installation and deployment will be delivered to the email account the maintenance license certificate has been delivered to.
All order-related information is included with the Proof of Entitlement Certificate e-mail. When you get closer to the renewal date you might be contacted by Corel or by your reseller for a renewal offer. For further information, please contact your Corel software reseller.
Government and public sector organizations will never be charged more than the Level 4 price per license (251+ seats) meaning that they always get one of the best unit prices available, regardless of the number of licenses required. To take advantage of a license or discuss options in more depth, please contact our License team.
All products contained in CASL or CASL Premium licenses are offered for download with serial number(s) in the Proof of Entitlement Certificate e-mail. This includes CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and CorelDRAW Technical Suite (CASL Premium only). As a customer with an active Academic Site License, you will receive Upgrades of the included products in an email as new versions are released. The “Maintenance Upgrade” is delivered with required download(s) and serial no.(s) to the contact address the original licenses have been delivered to.

End-User Licensing (EULA)

  • Issued to individual users.
  • Each license is tied to the individual user and is non-transferable.
  • Intended for consumers and small businesses.
  • License allows for installation on up to two devices – both devices must belong to the licensed user and cannot be used simultaneously.
  • Each license has a unique serial key.
  • If licensed within a business, the maximum allowable number of licenses across the organization is five (after which Business User Licensing is required).
Read Corel EULA in full

Business User Licensing (BULA)

  • Issued to businesses.
  • Each license is fully transferable within the business and not tied to a specific user.
  • Intended for business use and scalable.
  • Each license allows for installation on one device.
  • Multiple licenses can be managed under one serial key.
  • Includes access to a license management portal.
  • License rights for imaging, network deployment, and virtualization of the software are available.
  • CorelSure Maintenance provides subscription benefits to perpetual license holders.
Read Corel BULA in full