To support children, adolescents, and their families during what can only be described as difficult and strenuous times, Casa Ronald McDonald in Rio de Janeiro raises funds in various ways to supply lodging, food, transportation, and therapies. In order to raise awareness for their efforts, Casa Ronald McDonald must create effective visual communications to catch the eyes of patrons and spread their message.

To support Casa Ronald McDonald’s need for graphics software, Corel was able to donate its CorelDRAW Graphics Suite software, helping to make designing faster and easier for the team there.

"We’ve used CorelDRAW for more than 10 years to build all of our design projects, including business cards, banners, advertising campaign materials, and our trademark McHappy Day T-shirts. In addition, we rely on CorelDRAW to develop institutional designs for internal and external communication, and presentations to form partnerships with new companies.”

Casa Ronald McDonald’s focus

Casa Ronald McDonald’s focus

Casa Ronald McDonald is a non-profit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that started in October of 1994. Their mission is “To provide comprehensive care to children and adolescents with cancer and their families” while aiming to be “a home away from home.” The Casa provides a multitude of amenities to ensure families are comfortable, like lodging, food, transportation and therapy, education, and social activities.

For operations to run smoothly, Casa Ronald McDonald relies on donations from individuals, businesses, and members, as well as generous volunteer support and charitable events. Being a nonprofit, most of the funds Casa Ronald McDonald raises go directly to the cause. This means their budget, for supporting materials, like software, is limited and they depend on companies with strong social responsibility to provide products as a donation.

“Our budget for software is extremely limited, and in some years non-existent. As a nonprofit, most of our raised money goes directly to the cause.” 

-Daniel Gadelha, Comunicação e Desenvolvimento Institucional

Creating visual communications with an important message

Managing operational needs with a limited budget

To create promotional materials to support their many initiatives, such as event promotions, social media posts, internal documents, banners, and posters, Casa Ronald McDonald RJ needed professional graphic design software. Their team reached out to Corel to request licenses of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite as a donation, in order to support Casa Ronald McDonald’s efforts, and Corel happily obliged.

“Corel was the first to donate their software to us. Our team was familiar with CorelDRAW as a leading graphics software for vector drawing, logos, and more.” 

-Daniel Gadelha, Comunicação e Desenvolvimento Institucional

Power and compatibility make for quick work

Now, equipped with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, nearly all visual communications used for Casa Ronald McDonald’s fundraising efforts are created using CorelDRAW’s suite of applications.

“CorelDRAW is user-friendly and fast compared to similar products. Most printing places in town love it and use it as their primary graphics software and even specifically request .CDR files.”

-Daniel Gadelha, Comunicação e Desenvolvimento Institucional

The designers, working on Casa Ronald McDonald’s visuals, appreciate how fast and easy it was to learn, how quickly they can complete tasks, and how compact the files are. They also found that printers in the area preferred receiving CDR files, as CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is their main software of choice, making it easier to have accurate print results.

-Ronald McDonald House, Design Team

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