The Challenge

The Royal Ballet Center was preparing to present its Annual Gala where they would be performing Sleeping Beauty. They needed a series of billboards, posters, and images for their social media pages—all created in a very limited time. The team also requested a last-minute redesign of the Academy’s logo that could be integrated into the Sleeping Beauty marketing materials.

In addition, the Royal Ballet Center also expressed their desire for marketing collateral that would truly differentiate themselves from competing ballets and other dance performances. Daniel was challenged to create marketing collateral that not only competed with regional dance schools but also outperformed the creative from previous years.

Each project was a challenge; the client and I set out to transform the look and feel of the previous year’s campaign.

The Solution

Daniel needed a powerful graphic design tool that would streamline the design process in order to create differentiated branding and collateral for his client.

Thanks to direct integration between applications in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Daniel was able to manipulate bitmaps using Corel PHOTO-PAINT®, then bring them into CorelDRAW to incorporate in page layouts, adding transparency, gradients, and type.

Once approved by the client, the graphics needed to be formatted for print output. CorelDRAW’s color management engine enabled Daniel to control color consistency across different media, providing peace of mind that his colors were accurate before printing.

I love how easy it was to prepare design files for print with CorelDRAW.

The Result

In Tapachula, the city the Royal Ballet Academy is located, it is rather rare for advertisements to include photography, making Daniel's designs both thought-provoking and unique. Competitive dance studios do not possess the same eye-catching style, making the Royal Ballet Center’s marketing materials a stand out in the community.

Since the inception of this longstanding project, the Royal Ballet Center has greatly increased its communication efforts, resulting in better event awareness, and increased attendance numbers. Following the Annual Gala, the Ballet Academy even adapted Daniel’s imagery and logo developments for use throughout the year.

Over the past 6 years, that I’ve worked with the Royal Ballet Center, CorelDRAW has never failed to deliver compelling, customer-pleasing creative.

The Royal Ballet Center recognized that Daniel’s graphics have truly turned the heads of onlookers and implored more people to attend. The Academy was so impressed with the results of Daniel’s work that they even made mention of his design contributions on stage.