Darlene Perrone is the founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Destinations Travel Magazine, a photojournalistic online travel publication. Launched in 2004, each photo-rich issue focuses on international travel with feature articles on exotic destinations, cruises, all-inclusive trips, getaways, recreation, and much more.

Right from the start, Perrone has relied on CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to help her produce an enticing, visually stunning resource for worldwide travelers. “I originally started using CorelDRAW 4 in 1993, prior to starting the magazine” says Perrone. “I used it as an illustrator and graphics artists for years to create things like catalogues, corporate greeting cards, brochures, logos, and business cards.”

Creative freedom in a complete and affordable package

When she decided to embark on a new career as a magazine publisher, Perrone investigated several different software options. “My printing company tried to persuade me to use Microsoft Publisher or Adobe Illustrator ,” she explains. “But personally, I found Illustrator more complicated than CorelDRAW, which I was already familiar with.”

“And I wanted one program that I could use to do everything,” she continues. “From writing basic copy to photo editing, to complete page layout and design.” So she chose CorelDRAW Graphics Suite with confidence and without regret. “It’s so easy to learn and use,” she says of CorelDRAW. “I actually took a class at CompUSA years ago, but found that I had better success learning through trial and error.”

Despite occasional protestations from printers in the publishing industry, Perrone remains loyal and more than satisfied with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. “I tried Adobe InDesign when it first came out because my printer pushed me to switch, but I found it too restrictive,” she continues. “It didn’t afford me the creative freedom that CorelDRAW offered, and it had too many limitations. I felt like I was fighting it eve step of the way.”

So she quickly reverted to her original choice and hasn’t looked back. “The decision was based on my needs as an artist, photographer, and illustrator,” she explains. “CorelDRAW Graphics Suite was the only solution that offered everything that I needed — the complete package, and at a better price than Illustrator.”

From print to digital — a magazine’s evolution

Over the years, Destinations has evolved from a printed magazine into an online publication with an emphasis on high-resolution imagery and creative 3D animations that make its pages sparkle and shine.

The magazine is now also available in popular mobile formats, such as iPhone, iPad, and Android . Within its pages, you’ll find travel tips, advice, and outstanding feature articles written by international travel writers and photographers from across the globe.

At every stop along the way, Perrone discovers new things to love about her trusted graphics suite. “I learn something new about CorelDRAW every day. I simply could not do what I do without it,” she explains.

“I even use it to design headers, banners, and ads for the website,” says Perrone of CorelDRAW. While she has some concern about relying so heavily on one piece of software, it’s been an indispensable creative tool. “It’s a testimony to how much you can accomplish with this program.”

And it still rankles her when she recalls the publishing world’s bias for entrenched industry standards. “I think a lot of that false hype may have hurt the CorelDRAW brand,” she says. “For a new user, I’d definitely recommend it. The suite can be a bit daunting because it does take time to really start utilizing everything that it can do. But it’s easy to learn on your own.”

For more information about the magazine, visit www.DestinationsTravelMagazine.com.