The best software for any design project

According to Ivanberg, CorelDRAW provides ease of use and versatility that are far superior to other software options on the market. The suite offers a complete solution for graphic and web designers, illustrators and photo editors. “I could have started with a few other software options to create courses for my company, but the user experience and my affinity to this product made me choose CorelDRAW.” Ivanberg targets professionals in the fields of design, communication and print, and wanted the opportunity to show his students how much you can do with the product. He wants all graphic designers to discover the endless creative possibilities in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

I have always liked to teach and I realized that I feel good doing it. And the more I teach, the more I learn. I love the software. It’s fantastic! And I know that many users do not use all the firepower of CorelDRAW in their work.

Teaching the basics

Ivanberg identified a need in the graphic design community and developed specialized online courses for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. The first course he created was called “Discover New Possibilities with CorelDRAW” in which he teaches students how to create a basic layout, incorporate color matching, separation and harmony, and how to get projects ready for print.

Students love CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

“Excellent tips! I’m excited about the new possibilities with CorelDRAW and I have the desire to watch more classes.” - Alexandre Oliveira, Brasilia-DF

Ivanberg likes to see the reaction of his students while demonstrating the CorelDRAW tips and tricks he learned as an avid user. Students are happy learning something that will make their daily work in graphic design more productive, and are grateful when they discover new features.

Graphic design tools for a variety of professions

“The main challenge is to understand what the various niches of professionals who use CorelDRAW need to learn so that they understand that there are new possibilities.” Ivanberg’s goal is to awaken the creativity in these professionals and demonstrate what the software can do to facilitate and expedite the work in each type of industry. He explains important design principles such as the basics of color, line guides and page settings. Student favorites also include learning how to incorporate design tools and features that they can use regularly in their projects to save time, such as layers, alignment guides, master pages and special effects.

Real-world application of CorelDRAW features

With Ivanberg’s online training courses, students learn how to apply their new graphic design knowledge to their respective businesses, such as print houses, design firms and communication services. He teaches them specifically how to work more efficiently using CorelDRAW so they can get professional results on time and on budget. Each course is designed to appeal to a variety of users, and includes a detailed curriculum and course schedule that is recorded as video lessons, then published online for his various students.

In his course schedule, Ivanberg covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Using mathematics and CorelDRAW
  • Working with Alignment and Dynamic Guides
  • Customizing features
  • Managing layers
  • Working with styles