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Corel Website Creator

Website design software

  • Design and build interactive websites
  • Add audio, video and embedded apps
  • Easy set-up with templates and SiteStyles
  • Professional code-free technology

Corel Website Creator is included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017

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Code-free website design software

Corel® Website Creator™ is one of the easiest ways to design and build interactive websites. With the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly get started with templates, SiteStyles and more to get your site up and running in no time. Plus, you can add high impact video and audio or embed online apps for added content. Keep track of your site’s success with built-in SEO tool and gain valuable support from the new CSS3 and HTML5 capabilities.

System Requirements

Also available: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017

Create stunning websites with ease!

No experience required

Skip all of the HTML coding and technical aspects of web design with a program that makes web design accessible to everyone. Use intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to create professional eye-catching websites with ease.

Easy set-up

Get your website up and running in record time! Explore the many built-in features of this powerful website design software and take advantage of the SiteStyles, page layouts and professional templates. Simply choose your design, build your framework and add your personalized content.

Add audio, video and apps

Integrate more sophisticated concepts into your website with the new audio and video capabilities. Drag-and-drop your favorite videos and sound bytes directly into your website, including Vimeo and HTML5 audio, all without coding.

Integrated web development

Create websites with the latest technology, such as the new custom CSS Framework and Grid System to accelerate your build time. CSS has also been improved to include gradients and animations for expanded customization options.

Top New and Enhanced Features

  • NEW!

    HTML5 Video

    Add the media of your choice directly into your web pages by simply using the drag-and-drop feature, and eliminate the need for any special coding.

  • NEW!

    HTML Audio

    Find just the right beat and sound to complement your website by adding custom audio directly into your pages.

  • NEW!

    YouTube functionality

    Now your favorite clips can be a part of your professional site by embedding them directly from the source, such as YouTube, with a few easy steps.

  • NEW!

    Vimeo Embed Component

    Expand your video sharing outlets by including Vimeo videos on your site. It’s a quick and easy way to view, share and upload areas of interest that reach a wide community of users.

  • NEW!

    Web Snippet Component

    Save valuable development time with a new way to render HTML and script output. The new Web Snippet eliminates the need to first preview or publish your website to determine the size of any embedded script and significantly improves pixel precision.

  • NEW!

    CSS3 Design Grid

    Stay on the grid to build your websites faster and more efficiently. By using the custom CSS Framework and Grid System, you’ll have the design tools you need to align content with pinpoint accuracy and clarity. Plus, you can ensure accurate pixel alignment across your entire design with the use of gutters.

  • NEW!

    Web Page Layouts

    Find exactly the page look and type you need with eye-catching new page templates. Choose from a professional collection of page colors, themes and images to instantly populate and make your website come to life.


    Image Carousel

    Display your photos in a whole new way! With the updates to the Image Carousel, you can now add captions, titles and links to any individual photo. By incorporating text to your image, you can share relevant messages, callouts or fun facts.


    CSS3 Support

    Apply new popular effects, such as animations and gradients, to your website thanks to the customization enhancements in the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Top Rated Features by Users

  • Web fonts

    Web Fonts allow you to give personality to your site’s content, while making it more readable, accessible and dynamic. Corel Website Creator ships with a library of high quality professionally designed web fonts.

  • Windows 10 compatibility

    Our “Compatible with Windows 10” software and devices have passed Microsoft-designed tests for compatibility and reliability on PCs running the Windows 10 operating system. “Compatible with Windows 8” products install without worry and run reliably with Windows 10.

  • Refined user interface

    With a new intuitive modern workspace, you'll be more productive and feel right at home. Corel Website Creator has a fresh and inviting new look with updated tools to better design and build your websites.

  • SiteStyles

    A SiteStyle is a collection of graphic and typographical elements you can apply to every page in your site to create its look and feel. Use pre-built styles from Website Creator or custom build your own to create a look and feel right for your site.

  • Online view web design

    Your dashboard for Corel Website Creator has a new look and feel. Tailored to the new design of Windows 8, Website Creator’s Online View provides you with the look and feel of the tiled approach.

  • Site Safe

    Site Safe technology protects your design assets by automatically creating a backup template of your website files. Backup templates may be stored on an external drive, network drive or published to a directory at your web host.

  • Cloud Burst

    Get new SiteStyles delivered directly to the Online View with Cloud Burst, the online delivery system. Then install these website templates, photos, images and tutorials for immediate use with just a click.

  • Interactive websites

    With a collection of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) widgets, Website Creator makes it easy to design websites that feature dynamic user interactivity. Instantly add customizable page elements, such as accordions, tabbed panels and toggle panes, to give visitors to your website a better experience.

  • Integrated web development

    Create a professional-looking website thanks to support for a wide range of web development technologies, including RSS feeds, CSS, XHTML, PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, and JSP. Take advantage of a WYSIWYG design environment that offers the simplicity of wizards along with advanced HTML object and CSS inspectors.

  • Timeline Editor

    Use the Timeline Editor to give life to static website content, such as text, photos, graphics and video. You can easily create sophisticated animations using the familiar drag-and-drop editing environment.

  • Site Wizard

    Create a modern website with high-impact visual appeal in three easy steps. Website Creator features dozens of new SiteStyles, templates with modern page layouts and mobile website templates optimized for view on iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Drag-and-drop simplicity

    Drag and place any text, image or page element exactly where you want it. Add Flash videos, QuickTime movies and JavaScript effects with a few simple clicks.

  • Graphics editor

    Crop, color correct and resize images with ease.

  • Easy navigation management

    Quickly navigate your site without leaving Page View using the Site Navigation palette. When you add, delete or rearrange pages, all the navigation and page links are updated automatically.

  • Built-in security and enhancements

    Get password protection, PHP and ASP languages, interactive forms, guestbooks, RSS feeds and more, without custom programming or scripting. The Components Manager helps you quickly locate all the elements you need for interactive website creation!