Book Illustration: How to Create Amazing Illustrations

Everyone knows that a picture is worth a "thousand words." However, when it comes to book illustrations, creating the perfect image is even more critical.

No matter if you are illustrating children's books or working with complicated scientific novels. These book images require extensive details, as they can breathe life into the words that fill the page. Yet, even though this process may seem somewhat complicated to master, it does not have to be. Especially when you know what software can help you create these amazing illustrations.

What is a Book Illustration

Book illustration is a form of art that is used to create images and pictures for books. However, these illustrations are intended to be much more than just a colorful or beautiful picture. Typically, these images are there to enhance the story or add to it.

These illustrations are commonly found in children's books because they help a child understand what the story is about and add visual appeal. However, they are also found in more complex novels for older adults.

How to Illustrate a Book

Whether you are illustrating your book or for someone else, you need to understand that the process is exceptionally detail-oriented and takes quite a bit of time.

To make sure you hit all the essential steps, consider the following:

  • Figure Out the Style: Before starting, you will want to figure out your style. It will help to look at some of your favorite artists or winning-picture books to see what is trending and what people seem to gravitate towards.
  • Focus On Your Characters: Depending on the type of book you illustrate, there will often be a main character. Many times, children's books will have this main character featured in every illustration. As a result, it is essential to practice drawing this character and focus on continuity.
  • Start with a Storyboard: You will need to go through the whole book and figure out what your illustrations will need to focus on. Once you have an idea about the plot, you will want to create thumbnail sketches and more detailed pictures to show what the final product will look like.
  • Get Feedback: Show your samples to others, including editors, art directors, friends, and family, and get feedback on what works and what does not. Give yourself enough time to redraw the pictures, as they may have to go through several edit rounds.
  • Arrange the Final Artwork with the Text: Once your pictures are approved, you will need to layout the text with the artwork. This will require you to finalize your design, complete proper resizing and image editing.

Book Illustration Software

Unfortunately, when you create book illustrations, coming up with the designs is only half the battle. Ensuring that the pictures are perfectly edited and flow with the text can be rather complicated. However, with the right book illustration software, this process does not have to be hard. With CorelDRAW software, you can have everything you need to create the book illustrations that you want:

  • CorelDRAW can help you create vivid and eye-catching images with just one program
  • CorelDRAW is extremely user-friendly, which makes it ideal for those that do not have much experience using these software tools
  • CorelDRAW allows you to accomplish critical operations using the most straightforward commands, including image importation or working in layers
  • CorelDRAW is very easy on your computer, making it the ideal book illustration program for all types of users


What makes book illustration so exciting today is that as an illustrator, you can use several different methods to make the book come to life. However, when you combine the process with great book illustration software, you can create a world of possibility with just a simple click of a mouse.

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