Graphic Design Magazines: Where to Find the Best Graphic Design Articles

There are days when inspiration finds you in the oddest places: the produce section of the grocery store, the shape of a leaf, a song you find yourself humming. Then, there are days when you need to search for inspiration. Magazines that are devoted to graphic design and related fields offer pages and pages of inspiration, plus helpful items that can give you an edge in the graphic design industry. Finding magazines for graphic designers can be difficult as the print and online magazine world changes quickly. Here is an up-to-date look at various print and online publications we recommend.

What information is found in graphic design magazines?

Graphic designers care about a lot of issues, including cultural issues, tech-savvy articles, profiles of contemporary designers, and design inspiration that comes from related visual art fields. Some of the following magazines are heavy on illustrations and visual inspiration. Others contain a lot of written words, full of relevant news and information. Some celebrate a wide range of art and culture, which includes graphic design. Others are very specific about what they showcase. You might find tutorials on how to create designs using specific software, venues to promote your own designs, and products that may help you design in a new way.

A list of graphic design magazines

Our list is broken down into print publications and online publications. However, most of the print publications also have an online component. Dig into their websites to find out more about their unique perspectives, their overall mission, and sneak peeks into past and current issues. Pick the magazine that makes you excited, and subscribe! You will have something fresh and informative to look forward to throughout the year.

Print Publications

  • 3x3. Devoted to the art of contemporary illustration.
  • AIGA Eye on Design. AIGA is the largest not-for-profit design organization in the US. Their magazine is about great designers and design-relevant issues.
  • Communication Arts. A premier publication of all aspects of visual communications, including profiles of specific designers.
  • Juxtapoz. A hip look at the broader issues of design.
  • Kinfolk. Connects a global community of creative professionals with articles on home, work, style, and culture.
  • Offscreen Magazine. Offers alternative perspectives on technology and how it affects real humans.
  • Slanted. An international publication full of everything and anything that has to do with visual arts.
  • Wallpaper*. Fheatures inspiring projects from many fields of design.
  • Wrap. Showcases original work from contemporary creatives.

Online Publications

  • CorelDRAW Tutorials. Helpful video tutorials to teach you everything you need to know about using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.
  • Creative Boom. Dedicated to the creative industries in the UK.
  • Dapper Esq. A selection of blog posts and products to inform, style, and entertain. Focuses on creativity, authenticity, and sustainability.
  • Graphic Design USA. A long-standing source of information for graphic design professionals.
  • Print. A leading source of design inspiration, cultural news, and other topics that will appeal to graphic designers all over the world.
  • RevolutionArt. A worldwide art magazine that promotes artists, including graphic designers.

Read. Become inspired. Design more.

Nobody lives in a vacuum. We are human beings, connected to each other with many strings. When someone creates something beautiful or surprising, it affects other people. Creativity is inspiring, and it requires other creativity to fuel it. That's why we encourage you to open up your eyes and look for creativity all over the world, in graphic design magazines as well as in original art in your community.

When you create something, don't keep it to yourself! Share it with others, so you can continue to fuel the world's creativity.

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