Graphic Creator: A Guide to Graphic Design Makers

Graphic design is a field that's constantly changing and evolving. As technology advances, there are new tools for graphic designers to use in their work. But what about the people behind those amazing designs? This article will cover some of the best graphic design makers out there today, as well as provide resources for getting started with your portfolio.

What is a graphic creator?

Ever wonder what the difference between a graphic designer and a graphic creator is? To break it down, graphic creators are artists who design graphics, illustrations, and other visual elements for various purposes. They work with programs like CorelDRAW to create these images digitally.

On the other hand, the definition of "graphic designer" is someone who designs logos and creates layouts for print media like magazines. While both jobs serve different purposes, they require similar skillsets when it comes to design.

How to choose a graphic creator

The process of choosing a graphic design software can be complicated when you are not sure what features to look out for. There are many programs available, each with its own unique set of tools and functionalities. We will be looking at the factors that you should consider as an online graphic design maker.


Price is a huge determinant in deciding the best graphic design made for you as a designer. Different price ranges are usually set depending on the specific features that a program offers. However, most graphic design software companies include a free trial where you can test the software.

It is important to note that the free version only gives a little glimpse of the whole system. If a certain software fits your requirements, you should not hesitate to pay for the software or subscription.

Ease of use

When using the free version, check whether you are having any trouble accessing tools or with the general design of the software. As a graphic creator, time is of the essence, and you want software where everything you want is just a few clicks or shortcuts away. For example, the CorelDRAW user interface is quite interactive. It includes such features as tooltips that pop up whenever you hover above an object, providing information on what the tool does.

Templates are also a key feature to look for because they save a lot of time for both novice and experienced graphic creators. The template should be fairly easy to edit, and most graphic design software add drag and drops features to make the edits much easier.


Apart from price, the features in the app play a huge role when deciding the type of graphic design software you intend to use. Different software tackle specific problems in graphics design, making it a very personal choice. However, with apps like CorelDRAW, you can find more detailed features that can be used for general graphic designs.

So what are some of the features that set the software apart from the rest of the competition?

  • Support and learning: The Company is dedicated to serving its customers and ensuring they can use the platform to its full potential. They do this by offering different learning models such as tutorials, how-tos, Corel Masters, among others, to help graphic designers further their skills.
  • Free Trial: To fuel your creative fire, CorelDraw allows graphic designers to download the free version of the software. Even after the trial version has ended, you can still use the software to design graphics, unlike its competitors, who lock out all functionalities until you buy a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Compatible on multiple platforms: No more technological constraints, CorelDRAW is a cross-platform software that is accessible across Windows, Mac, Web, iPad, and other mobile devices. Designed with a new touch-optimized user experience, it expands what's possible on mobile and tablets.


The graphic creator is a guide for graphic design makers. It will help you select the right kind of designer for your needs and create the most effective campaign possible with their skillset. Now it's time for you to take action! Why not share this article with someone who could use these insights? You might just change somebody's life today!

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