Graphic Design Fonts: Choosing the Best Fonts for Your Designs

Graphic design is a form of visual communication that combines artistic design elements such as color, contrast, and illustration with typography to create a visually compelling design that conveys a message to the viewer. The font style and choice that goes into each design is an important decision to make, because different fonts and typeface styles can easily alter the tone of a design, and therefore sway the viewer's feelings towards it at the same time. Continue reading to learn how your font choice can influence your audience, and some of the best fonts for graphic designers to use in their designs.

The importance of the right font

Different font styles elicit different feelings or reactions from the viewers. This is because the style of typeface you choose to use in your designs can change the tone of the design altogether. This concept is called font psychology, and it explains the connection between a visual style of a font and the reaction or feeling it provokes in those who perceive it. For this reason, it's important to choose your fonts carefully to make sure that they work with the feel and tone of your design, rather than against it. The last thing you want is to spend time carefully crafting a design, only to pair it with a typeface that clashes with the tone of the piece and throws off your audience.

It's also important to remember that besides the font style altering the feeling and tone of a design, it's also true that certain font styles are better suited for different viewing purposes. For example, sans-serif fonts are much easier to read for designs that are intended to be viewed digitally on a screen, while serif fonts are typically better for print designs that contain a large amount of body text.

No matter what type of design you're working on, selecting a great font to match the style and tone you're going for is one of the best finishing touches and powerful details you can incorporate into your design.

Common fonts used by graphic designers

These are some of the most commonly used fonts that every graphic designer should have in their toolkit:


Designed by Max Miedinger, this sans-serif typeface is a highly popular choice that is widely used by graphic designers. A modern re-design of this font family was also released in 2019 by Monotype, called Helvetica Now.n

Proxima Nova

Designed by Mark Simonson, Proxima Nova is a modern sans typeface that will lend a minimalistic and professional feel to any design.

Adobe Garamond Pro

Designed by Robert Slimbach, this old-style serif font is a great classic-looking choice that is clean and readable, and well suited for longer sections of text.


Designed by Monotype, the Rockwell font is a sturdy and bold slab serif typeface that can be used as a bold statement or steady foundation in a designer's work.

Bickham Script Pro

Designed by Richard Lipton, the Bickham Script Pro typeface is an elegant script font that is best used for large headings or to add a touch of calligraphy to a design, especially for formal occasions.


Choosing the right font styles to use in your designs will enhance your typography and align it perfectly with the tone and overall message of the piece. This is an essential consideration to make in each of your designs, because the font style you use can sway the feelings or reaction a viewer has towards your overall design. With carefully selected fonts in the right font style for your design, each piece you work on will convey the message or concept of the design to your audience seamlessly.

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