Web Design Marketing: How to Build a Website that Sells

Today, having a well-designed website is a vital part of a successful business. Your business's website is essentially your online storefront — it acts as a virtual representation of what your business is, does, and believes in. Because a business's website is such an essential piece of the puzzle, it's more important than ever to understand what goes into effective website design.

How web design influences consumers

For many prospective and future customers, their first impression of your business will come from browsing your website. For that reason, it's important to invest the proper time and care into making sure your site is designed well so that it truly reflects what your business is all about.

Besides creating an accurate representation of your brand, another reason that you'll want a well-designed site is to simply keep interested visitors on your site for longer, and potentially lead to more conversions and sales. If you have a website that's cluttered, confusing to follow, and difficult for users to find what they're looking for, then it's unlikely that many visitors will stay on your site for more than a couple of minutes. A clean, easy to use, helpful website that's designed with the users' benefit in mind will go a long way in helping your business by letting your website do a lot of the work for you and retaining interested prospective leads and customers. Users who are able to naturally get a sense of who your brand is and easily find what they need on your site will be more likely to grow trust in your brand, spend more time browsing, and sign up for your services or purchase your products.

Basic principles of web design

So what exactly makes for good web design? Here are a few basic web design principles to follow.

Keep it simple

Overcomplicating your web design doesn't help anyone. Chances are, if your website is too overwhelming and the navigation is confusing, you're only going to frustrate your web visitors, and they're more likely to leave your site. Keep the design simple and easy to navigate, and it will be easier to maintain both new and returning visitors on your website.

Use creative visuals to keep users engaged

Simple design doesn't have to mean that it's boring or dull to look at. You can (and should) incorporate enticing visuals into your web design to make it visually appealing and keep users interested while they are using your website. Including bold colors and typography that aligns with your brand's style, using unique imagery or animations, or even just the clever use of contrasting elements and white space are all great ways to design a stunning website for your visitors.

Keep consistency and readability in mind

Designing your website with consistent brand colors and web page layouts will help create a cohesive feel across your whole website. No part of your site should look or feel like it doesn't belong, as doing so would create a jarring or confusing experience for visitors. Also consider the typefaces you choose for the web pages — sans serif fonts tend to be the easiest to read on screens. Use consistent typefaces across your site and utilize the proper heading tags to help keep all of your content as easily readable and scannable as possible.

Make sure it's responsive on mobile

Mobile users make up the majority of active web visitors, so if your website isn't designed well for mobile use, then you're doing a disservice to a large portion of your prospective customers. Mobile optimization is an essential part of good web design to ensure that all visitors can have the best experience on your website, no matter what device they're using.


Developing a well-designed website is an incredibly important aspect of any successful business. Proper web design is intended to create a good experience for your visitors, who will be more likely to become customers if you let your business shine online. Following some of the basic web design principles will help ensure that every part of your website is built with the visitors' experiences in mind.

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