Postcard: What is a Postcard?

Even in today's digital world, postcards are a gateway to making connections. Whether you're a fan of handwritten postcards or you prefer e-cards, they can be a great way to market your business or share good news. Postcards are one of the few forms of communication that existed worldwide before we could type up a quick email or text message, and they're still quite popular today.

What is a postcard?

Known for being a personal way to send a message, postcards are typically made from a piece of thick paper or thin cardboard. When mailed, it's common to write a brief message on one side along with the delivery address while the opposing side dawns a pretty image. Many postcards are sent when people are traveling and want to share a local view without writing a page-long letter. They're quick and efficient to get a message across and don't require an envelope to mail them, which makes them unique to the mailing system.

Postcards are accepted as a form of mail worldwide, and many school systems encourage the idea of pen pals to help teach students how to write their addresses and use local mail systems. Postcards are often incredibly cheap to send and can be a great way to share a thought, offer a quote or moment of encouragement, or spread the word about an upcoming event.

How to create a postcard

If you're curious about how to write a postcard or how to address a postcard, it's pretty simple. Knowing what to write on a postcard is usually the hardest part of the task, but even when deciding what to write, it doesn't require a ton of effort or professionalism. Postcards are quick visual aids for many that receive them, which is why they don't require a ton of time and why many use few words to get their message across. Many major companies will use postcards to mail out information about upcoming sales and they'll describe the sale within less than a sentence or two, including the dates.

Once you've selected a postcard with an image you like, or you've hired a graphic designer to create an image for your specific needs, the next step is putting your address or address list together and filling the back of the card with a quick message. Sometimes businesses will have the graphic designer place a quick note in the pretty image and leave the back of the card free for placing the address only, which is also an acceptable way to create a postcard.

When looking to send out a postcard for a professional project, having a graphic designer such as CorelDRAW can save you a lot of time and stress. Not only can the designer create visual aids that stand out, but they can work with you to provide you with unique imaging that helps define your project. From adding a logo to providing you with high dynamic images, you can utilize their paid work to send out hundreds or thousands of postcards at the click of a few buttons.


Remember, postcards are a great way to personally connect with consumers or your targeted audience. They're reminiscent of communication before the digital world became the number one way of connecting. You can mail out physical copies or e-postcards with ease, getting a quick message to your mailing list without having to write a lengthy note. When looking to write a postcard and mail it out, you can choose between sharing local scenery or coming up with your own concept and printing them or emailing them to make a great impression when a recipient receives it. While technology allows us to network and market with ease, take advantage of a fun and different way of sending a message with postcards. We promise it'll make somebody smile.

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