Style Transfer: The Ultimate Guide to Image Style Transfer

Although computers cannot create works of art, they can follow instructions and produce a predictable result. If a programmer can learn how to do something, he can program a computer to do it, and that includes transferring images from one style to another. Through machine learning, the more a computer does a task the better it gets at it. Style transfer programs take the guesswork out of style transfer and allow you to transfer an image from one style to another seamlessly.

What is image style transfer?

Image style transfer is exactly what it sounds like: you take an image in one art style and use a program to transfer it to another style. The result will be the same content, but in the manner of the new image, you selected. That content can be any image while the style you transfer it to can be anything from an Impressionist master to pixel art. Any pattern or style you can imagine. For example, you can take a picture you took of a building and use style transfer to make it look like it's in the style of anything from a renaissance painter to Warhol.

You can recompose any image and also have a great deal of control over how closely you want the new image to resemble the new style. You can combine various types and patterns and create an art piece that is both in a classic art style and a unique piece of art that you have fully customized. The level of control you have over your transferred image is remarkable and can fully match the artistic vision you have for your piece. The best part is you don't have to commit to a style fully. You can do the transfer, and if you don't like it, undo it just as quickly.

How to do image style transfer

With CorelDRAW's PaintShop Pro's AI Style Transfer feature, you can instantly transform your photos into works of art. AI Styles are part of the Instant Effects palette. They include dozens of presets designed to replicate famous artistic styles and media types, such as Stained Glass, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Impasto, and many more. Choose the AI-Powered category in the Instant Effects palette and click a thumbnail to preview what the style will look like when applied to your image. Then you can control:

  • Intensity: You can control the strength of the effect with a slider. You can transfer the image completely to the desired style, just a bit, or anything in-between.
  • Consistency: When you transfer from your original image to your new style, the computer will make color choices that represent the unique style. You can keep your color palette more consistent with the original image with a simple slider.
  • Definition: Your new style may not be consistent with the image you started with, which may cause some areas to become blurred. You can control this with a simple slider bar, making pictures smoother or sharper to match your desired vision.


CorelDRAW's PaintShop Pro's AI Style Transfer feature is perfect for efficiently performing an image style transfer. This allows an artist to push the boundaries of their art by transforming the image they created into the style of something new. For example, if an artist is used to drawing Manga, they can take the image and see it as Pop Art, broadening their horizons. It also allows photographers greater versatility in what they offer their clients. For example, they can take a picture of their client and transfer it into an Expressionist painting. CorelDRAW lets you have more control over your artistic expression than ever before.

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