Tilt Shift: The Ultimate Guide to the Tilt Shift Effect

The tilt effect in photography is fascinating, and its effect can be achieved using a specialized lens. When you watch a tilt-shift video, it makes you feel like you are looking at a miniature. Even if they are real photos, it'll feel like you are looking at a tiny scene. With tilt-shift photography, you can obtain a shallow depth of field and a large aperture. Are you ready to take a plunge into the world of tilt-shift photography? Here is a guide to help you out.

What is tilt-shift photography?

The tilt-shift effect refers to taking a real-life scene and transforming it into a miniature look. You can create the tilt-shift lens effect within your camera or using Photoshop. When you create the tilt effect on your camera, the tilt lens angle will create a depth of field wedge. Tilting your camera will give you more control where you can start and end your plane focus.

How to accomplish tilt-shift photography

Tilt photography enables you to straighten lines on a tall building, create a miniature model effect, or create selective lens blurs on your portraits. You can use tilt-shift lenses to have a depth of field in-camera. If you want high-quality images, the tilt-shift lens will come in handy.

How to use a tilt-shift lens for photos

Tilt-shift lenses have two knobs: one to control the shift function and one to control the tilt function.

  • Tilt: The tilt knob will change the plane focus by tilting your lens to the camera sensor. Therefore, your focal plane will not be parallel to the sensor but will be angled to give direction. The selective focus helps you to narrow or broaden your depth of field. With lots of lens blur, you can develop a shallow depth of field.
  • Shift: The shift knob allows you to move your lens up and down to your camera body. When the lens moves, it also makes the image plane move. Therefore, the sensor records a different area of your full image. You can use the shift knob by pointing your camera lens in the direction you want the image to start. Twist your knob and shift your camera lens in the direction where you get the desired composition.

How to mimic the tilt-shift effect through digital photo editing

A photo editing program will come in handy to convert your photos to mimic the tilt-shift effect. Before you apply the blur that mimics the tilt-shift, you should complete all the edits. Here are some of the ways you can edit your photos.


PHOTO-PAINT is a professional image editor that allows you to create a tilt-shift lens. You can use the tool to edit any type of image thanks to the advanced photo editing features. With Corel PHOTO-PAINT, you can create complex compositions, fix imperfections, make quick corrections, and add special effects.


Now you can make your photo look like it was taken in the miniature world using tilt photography. You'll only be limited by your creativity. Go ahead and explore what you can do with your newfound knowledge of tilt photography.

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