Why CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a great alternative to Affinity for professional graphic design

Precision tools, tailored for proficiency. 

Why choose CorelDRAW Graphics Suite over Affinity?

More tools, more professional.

All-in-one design and layout

All-in-one design and layout

CorelDRAW provides integrated functionality for graphic design and layout in one application whereas Affinity Designer users must rely on a separate application (Affinity Publisher) for true multi-page layout.  

Advanced toolset

Advanced toolset  

Affinity lacks some of the more sophisticated features found in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, making CorelDRAW better suited for professionals, especially when it comes to print output. 

Superior print capabilitie

Superior print capabilities

A popular, well-respected software in the sign and print industry, CorelDRAW has an industry-leading color management engine and superior prepress tools. 

Extensive file compatibility

Extensive file compatibility

CorelDRAW’s supported file formats widely exceed that of Affinity, with over 100 supported graphics, publishing, and image file formats (including full fidelity support for Adobe formats PDF, AI, and PSD). 

Offering choice

Offering choice

Whether you prefer to subscribe annually or want to own your software outright, CorelDRAW provides choice, whereas Affinity only offers a one-time purchase. 

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Competitive tools for an elevated design experience

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Productivity gainers

Bitmap to vector tracing

Commonly used by packaging designers and branding experts, CorelDRAW’s AI-assisted PowerTRACE™ improves the quality of a bitmap as it transforms it to vector with outstanding results.   

Dedicated Object Styles docker/inspector

Manage styles and style sets to apply consistent formatting across multiple objects, produce iterative versions, and format whole documents quickly and consistently – all from one place.  

Node mirroring or elastic mode

These drawing modes save designers serious time when it comes to creating, manipulating, and reflecting curves and shapes. 

Symbol library

Eliminate repetitive tasks from your workflow by creating and saving a symbol library to utilize in other projects or share with other users. 

Dedicated Effects docker/inspector

Experience fewer image editing interruptions by controlling all effects and adjustments from one place, without multiple dialogs getting in the way. 

Virtual Segment Delete tool

An efficient method of deleting specific sections of lines or curves between intersection points of other objects.   

Dimension lines

An essential tool for architects and technical designers, CorelDRAW offers a full array of customizations to add dimension lines just the way you like.  

Connector and callout lines

Draw connector lines between objects that stay attached when you move the objects, and add callouts that label your objects. Crucial tools for creating technical documentation and schematics with precision and ease.  

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Creativity boosters

Smear, Attract, Repel, & Roughen

CorelDRAW’s many powerful shaping effects deliver more creative options to designers. 


Make 2D objects appear 3D by projecting points from an object and joining them to create the illusion of three dimensions.  

Blend tool

Fast-track designs by creating blends between one object and another. CorelDRAW’s Blend tool is often used for creating realistic shadows and highlights, the quick way!  

Symmetry Drawing mode

Create symmetrical vector objects and designs in real-time with a feature dedicated to Symmetry, automating what can be a very time-consuming workflow.

Mesh fill & Vector pattern fill

Your go-to fill tools for creating realistic illustrations using the infinite scalability power of vector.  


An efficient way to create vector mosaics from vector and bitmap objects. Work with preset and custom shapes and fine tune with your cursor. Creating unique vector mosaics takes only a few clicks.    

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CorelDRAW's customizable toolbars make illustrating smoother and quicker.

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When it comes to printing capabilities, CorelDRAW is as professional as it gets

With support for widely used legacy file types such as PLT/HPGL, as well as additional included color palettes, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite has everything for professional print output.  

  • Imposition layouts
  • Color separation (CMYK and spot colors)
  • Additional included Pantone® color palettes for fashion and textile design
  • Integrated color palettes for plotter output, including Roland and Onyx
  • Print to film
  • Advanced settings for color trapping and overprinting
  • Add borders and grommet markers to prepare banners for printing
When it comes to printing capabilities, CorelDRAW is as professional as it gets
Superior page layout tools

Superior page layout tools

Variable font support

A workflow enhancer for type designers, variable font support is critical for control over font width, weights, and styles.  

Graph Paper & Table tools

Designed for creating layouts with precision, accuracy, and efficiency. 

Add columns to text frames

Highly useful for text-intensive design projects, such as newsletters, magazines, and newspapers.

Creating large page sizes and document scaling

CorelDRAW allows users to create page sizes up to 150 feet or 1800 inches x 1800 inches. There is also the ability to draw to scale, something lacking in Affinity Designer. This is a major benefit to sign makers, architects, and others that produce large format output. 

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite vs. Affinity FAQs

While CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is not a free product, we offer an obligation-free 15-day trial. Learn more about purchasing options, and try it free to see what you think.

Does CorelDRAW have any add-ons?

You can purchase apps, plug-ins, and extensions as well as download free creative tools within CorelDRAW. For example, Vision FX is an AI image generator plug-in that lets you transform photos into imaginative visuals using text prompts.

Is CorelDRAW hard to learn compared to Affinity?

In short, no! A CorelDRAW Graphics Suite subscription offers a personalized startup and learning experience, in addition to tailored practice projects, cloud-based design templates, and a library full of helpful tutorials to help you build confidence quicker.

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All information in connection and/or associated with Affinity and Affinity products has been obtained from https://affinity.serif.com and is current as of April 2024.