Creating and digitizing vector graphics for embroidery

Learn how to create exceptional custom designs

Do you work in the print industry but are new to customized clothing?

Want to discover new revenue opportunities for creating embroidered clothing for schools or businesses?

Do you already have embroidery experience but want to learn new tips for improving your concepts and designs?

Look no further!

In this eBook, you will discover how to combine the power of CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite with Wilcom Embroidery Studio to create and digitize vector graphics quickly with full professional control so you can transpose any design into stellar customized apparel.

From this eBook, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the basic terms and technical differences when creating vectors for embroidery.
  • Leverage workflow techniques via CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Wilcom Embroidery Studio.
  • Optimize and convert images to create embroidery from a vector graphic.
  • Apply practical tips for using fonts in apparel designs.
  • Embroider sweatshirts individually with customized names.

About the Authors:

Suzanne Smith, Corel Product Trainer
Suzanne has worked for Corel for over 18 years; first in the technical support division and then as product trainer and specialist as part of Corel's Graphics division. Suzanne has extensive experience in the apparel, design, and print and sign industries and speaks several languages, including German and Dutch.

Barbara Stümer, Wilcom
Since 1999, Barbara Stümer has been involved in the machine embroidery world. In 2002, she was self-employed as an in-house digitization and machine embroidery expert. In 2007, she became an Authorized Trainer for Wilcom, the world market leader in embroidery software, before joining them full-time in 2014.