List of Corel Authorized Partners for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Amnesty Program

Country Region Partner Name Partner Contact
Algeria Arab States grapheast
Brazil Latin America Software Store
China Asia Pacific Suzhou Sujie Si Network Ltd.
Colombia Latin America Grupo Deco
Egypt Middle East grapheast
France Europe Entelechargement
Hong Kong Asia Pacific Various
India Asia Pacific Various
Indonesia Asia Pacific PT Techpac Indo Informatika
Iraq Middle East grapheast
Italy Europe espresso
Kuwait Middle East grapheast
Mexico Latin America Interfaztore
Morocco Arab States grapheast
Netherlands Europe Licentie2GO
Oman Middle East grapheast
Peru Latin America Replica
Poland Europe TTS Company
Qatar Middle East grapheast
Republic of Korea Asia Pacific KL Technologies
Russian Federation Europe Allsoft
Saudi Arabia Middle East grapheast
Spain Europe Danysoft
Taiwan Asia Pacific Various
Turkey Europe ETİ Bilgisayar Ltd.
United Arab Emirates Middle East grapheast
United Kingdom Europe ACS