Special Effects

Use high-end special effects tools to add the finishing touches

Transform an average design into an amazing design with a variety of special effects tools in CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite. With a versatile toolbox at your fingertips, you can decide how subtle or how grand your special effects will be for each design project.

CorelDRAW is proud to feature four pressure-sensitive Liquid tools—Smear, Attract, Repel and Twirl—that give you the creative edge for retouching photos.

Apply several camera effects to adjust the color and tone of your photos, including Bokeh blur, Colorize, Sepia toning and Time Machine. These visually stunning special effects allow you to recreate popular photographic styles from the past with seven unique visual and historic styles that range from 1839 to the 1960s. Enjoy even more ways to enrich your images with RAW file support for over 300 types of cameras. Your design combinations are endless with this diverse collection of special effects.

Here are some additional special effects you can easily incorporate into your everyday drawings:

  • Shape tools
  • Freehand Pick tool
  • Quick Pan tool
  • Drop Shadow tool

What can these special effects tools do for you?

Shape tools
Reap the benefits from four new shaping tools that provide creative special effects options for refining your vector objects, including the Smear tool, Twirl tool and the Attract and Repel tools.

Freehand Pick tool
Save time by gaining greater control over object selection and transformation, especially when working with curved objects and non-linear shapes. See how the Freehand Pick tools allow you to easily isolate and manipulate an object. A very popular special effects tool!

Quick Pan tool
With a single click, you can bring out the pan hand to quickly pan around your image while maintaining your same zoom level. It’s a brilliant way to get a visual overview of your entire project.

Drop Shadow tool
Learn how to create a chiseled wood carving special effect with the Drop Shadow tool. Watch how easy it is to apply a cool chiseled effect to your text.

"...whatever I am trying to do, CorelDRAW offers me the right tools."
–Silvio Gomes, CorelDRAW user and freelance graphic designer

Use a variety of special effects tools in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to add that extra flair to your designs.