CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or CorelDRAW Technical Suite Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These FAQs will provide a better understanding of CorelDRAW product status, subscription, and upgrade information. Please note that these questions and answers apply equally to both the CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite and CorelDRAW® Technical Suite product, and in some instances will be referred to as "your CorelDRAW product" for simplicity.

Why do I need to authenticate the product?
Authentication validates and verifies your CorelDRAW product license. Authenticating the product will provide significant benefits. By doing so, you will always be up-to-date with product updates from Corel. Subscribers will have access to exclusive online content, features, and services from Corel during the term of your subscription.

Who needs to authenticate their product?
Authentication requires you to sign in with your Corel Account credentials to validate your license. Anyone who has subscribed to or purchased a box or electronic software download (ESD) version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or Technical Suite, or a trial version must authenticate the product. You can sign in or create a Corel Account using Google or Facebook. After March 2024, you may use this option to authenticate your product.

What does a CorelDRAW subscription include?
A subscription is a payment method, effectively allowing you to rent a CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or CorelDRAW Technical Suite license for a fixed period of time (with renewals if desired). As a subscriber, authentication is required to use your product and entitles you to benefits such as online content. Once your subscription expires, you will no longer be able to use the software. Upgrades are included with a subscription and ensure that you can always use the most up-to-date version of your CorelDRAW product as long as your subscription is active.

How can I confirm my subscription is still active or up for renewal?
You can confirm your subscription is still active by visiting the Product Status and Subscriptions section of Your Account. Your subscription status (including remaining days) will be listed, if applicable.

How do I manage my subscriptions?
You will need to create and validate a Corel Account in order to subscribe to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or CorelDRAW Technical Suite, or to authenticate the product. Once you have created and validated your Corel Account, you will be able to log in at any time on to manage your subscription options including the opt in or opt out of auto-renewals.

Can I upgrade from a trial or 30-day subscription to a 365-day subscription?
Yes. You can upgrade your subscription only from within your Corel Account and benefit from the associated cost savings when you upgrade to a 365-day subscription.

What happens if my credit card expires?
If your subscription is up for renewal, and your credit card has expired, an email will be sent to the email address associated with your purchase to notify you to update your payment information. Your subscription will automatically expire if you fail to update your payment information for its renewal by the end date of its term.

Are there any differences between subscribing to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or CorelDRAW Technical Suite and purchasing a version for perpetual use?
If you subscribe to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or CorelDRAW Technical Suite, and you cancel your subscription auto-renewal, or it expires, your version of the software will revert to viewer mode (similar to when a trial expires). Keeping a subscription active will ensure you always have access to the most current version of your CorelDRAW product. If you do a one-time purchase of a specific version of the suite (e.g., CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023 for perpetual use), you own that specific software version forever, but you are not entitled to any updates, new features, or subscriber-exclusive features and content.

I don’t have an internet connection available at all times. How do I use product features and can I access online content?
You must have an internet connection to sign in to your Corel Account and authenticate your product. After authentication, you will have access to all main product features even when you are offline. In order to access some of the included software components, online features and content, you must be online and authenticated. If you are subscribing to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or CorelDRAW Technical Suite, you will be required to be online at least once every 30 days to re-authenticate your subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription?
If you have auto-renewal set up for your subscription, you can cancel it at any time. You cannot cancel the current term of your subscription.

If I have cancelled auto-renewal for my subscription, how can I reactivate it?
If you cancel a subscription you can reactivate it in the Product Status and Subscriptions section of Your Account.

I have subscribed to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for Mac. Why does that subscription now show as not renewable in my Corel Account and in the installed applications?
As of our CorelDRAW Graphics Suite March 2022 Subscriber Update, your CorelDRAW Graphics Suite subscription entitles you to both Mac and Windows desktop applications. As a CorelDRAW Graphics Suite active subscriber you will find a separate subscription in your Corel Account that is platform-agnostic. With your CorelDRAW Graphics Suite serial number starting with a DR24 prefix you can choose to install and authenticate the current CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Subscriber Update for Mac and/or for Windows. Select this platform-agnostic CorelDRAW Graphics Suite subscription to renew your subscription for continued use of the software with all subscription benefits.

I am a corporate user. Can I use online content and features?
Corporate users who have purchased CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or CorelDRAW Technical Suite Enterprise licenses, or CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or Technical Suite subscription volume licenses, can access and use online content and features as long as they have authenticated the product. Please reach out to your IT administrator or team for authentication and access to the online content. Note: Your administrator may prevent access to online content during network deployment of the software. Software deployment is supported only with CorelSure Maintenance. CorelSure Maintenance is included with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or CorelDRAW Technical Suite Enterprise licenses and subscription volume licenses.

What is the Upgrade Protection Program?
The Upgrade Protection Program (interchangeably "UPP") was an option for users who are on perpetual licenses that allows the use of the most up-to-date version of the CorelDRAW Graphics or Technical Suite. Unlike subscription, if you have a perpetual license to CorelDRAW Graphics or Technical Suite, you get to keep the last version of the software that you installed, forever.

Is the Upgrade Protection Program still available?
As of September 28, 2021, the Upgrade Protection Program is no longer available. Existing users who were enrolled in the Upgrade Protection Program on March 7, 2022, have received both an Upgrade to the March 2022 release of their CorelDRAW product, as well as a free-of-charge CorelDRAW subscription that has been valid for a full year, until March 7, 2023. Following that transition, your CorelDRAW subscription will automatically renew for 365 days (CorelDRAW 365-day subscription) on March 7, 2023, at the price that you paid for renewing or buying your UPP last.
If you cancel auto-renewal, any upgrades and new versions of CorelDRAW which we release after March 8, 2022, would only be available to you during that extended period. After March 7, 2023, and without a CorelDRAW 365-day subscription, you will retain your right to use only those versions of CorelDRAW which you received during your UPP term. Canceling auto-renewal can happen any time before March 7, 2023, to avoid the next billing period.

I have been enrolled in the Upgrade Protection Program for an earlier version of CorelDRAW Graphics or Technical Suite. How do I claim my upgrade to the latest version?
As a user with an active Upgrade Protection Program on March 7, 2022, and after the release of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite / CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2022, you should have received an email sent to your Corel User Account email address. The email provides a download link, serial number, and installation instructions. If you have not received an email, please contact us at

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