CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Tips & Tricks

Insights from the Experts
Learn from practical, real-world designs created by CorelDRAW experts.

Creating comics with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
by Zazo Aguiar
Follow the creation of effective backgrounds and memorable characters for a popular comic strip series, learning useful drawing tips and techniques along the way.
Fine art creation
Go on a quest of traditional fine art painting and, armed with vector illustration tools, create a unique character that blends reality with fantasy.
Fundamentals of design
by gordongroup
This overview of design fundamentals from a top marketing agency helps you get the most out of your graphics.
Creating realistic works with the mesh fill
by Ariel Garaza Díaz
Learn how to maximize the potential of mesh fills to create stunningly realistic designs.
The art of vehicle illustration
by Oscar O. Osorio Cortés (Mosh)
Follow along as a photo of an old bus is used as the starting point for a colorful, creative design in CorelDRAW.
Creating an invitation
by Michaela Maginot
Follow the creation of an eye-catching business invitation, from concept and design right through to preparation for professional printing.
Logo design
by Jacob Mesick
Follow the evolution of a brand logo, from initial brainstorming and sketches to a variety of print outputs.
Architectural design
by Jeff Livingston
Learn how to fine-tune your architectural design by adjusting color and contrast, importing line work, correcting rendering mistakes, and preparing the final PDF for presentation.
Producing a realistic drawing with CorelDRAW
by Hugo Hansen
Learn how to create realistic objects, three dimensional forms, and metallic surfaces for an illustration.
Visual branding
by Joe Diaz
This tutorial takes you through the creation of a logo and billboard design, providing useful tips about drawing and shaping curves, creating a custom font, and using design elements consistently to maintain brand recognition across a variety of marketing materials.
Anatomy of a salmon fly
by Aleksy Pawluczuk
Follow the creation of a salmon fly pattern, and learn how to draw, shape, fill, and blend objects.
Creating a cookbook
by L. Fernando Gonzalez
Follow the creation of an inspirational cookbook and learn how to use custom guidelines, layers, and text.
Designing a font
by Mike Adkins
Learn how to create perfect letterforms, from sketching to precise node-editing and exporting the finished font.
Design of a soccer club logo
by Daniel Paiz
Learn how to create an effective sports logo that incorporates cultural and historical design elements.
The story of a reader chair
by Michal Polak
Follow the design of a unique chair from the initial idea to the manufactured product and marketing materials.
Book cover illustration and design
by Stefan Lindblad
Follow the creation of an illustration and a book cover from the initial inspiration to the published book.
Concept art
by Maurice Beumers (Mo)
Immerse yourself in the world of the concept art painter while learning about custom brushes and textures.