CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2020 Technical illustration and drafting software

  • Integrated suite of professional applications
  • Advanced standards compliance & file compatibility
  • Fully featured suite with 9 apps (see What’s Included)
  • Collaborate with clients and colleagues (Subscription only)
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Seriously productive. Incredibly precise.

In a world where details matter, CorelDRAW® Technical Suite 2020 connects the dots in all aspects of visual communication from project creation and authoring, to collaborative review and output.

Seriously productive. Incredibly precise.


Find a range of precise illustration and design tools to create detailed technical documentation with exact specifications.



Enjoy a seamless workflow from opening 2D and 3D source files, photos, documents and data, to producing, collaborating on, and publishing technical communications.



Count on this complete suite of professional applications for authoring technical documents, reviewing, and publishing detailed illustrations.

Corel DESIGNER 2020
CorelDRAW 2020
Corel PHOTO-PAINT 2020
XVL Studio Corel Edition
Corel Font Manager 2020
AfterShot 3 HDR

A collection of versatile design and drafting applications

Why choose CorelDRAW Technical Suite?

Complete suite for visual technical communication

Create everything from precise technical illustrations with Corel DESIGNER to compelling marketing materials with CorelDRAW. Edit photos for documentation with Corel PHOTO-PAINT and add screenshots with CAPTURE. When you’re ready to share files for collaborative review and approval, use web-based to streamline the stakeholder feedback process.

? Collaboration features eligibility

Graphically rich technical design tools

Accelerate your workflow with powerful, dedicated illustration and design tools that ensure accuracy for axonometric drawing, detailed callouts, advanced dimensioning, and so much more. Add detail to your technical illustrations with projected shape tools, including Thread, Well, Cylinder and Prism tools.

Advanced standards compliance

Ensure compliance with various standards-based systems, thanks to comprehensive support for technical publication standards. Reach a worldwide audience with Translation Memory System (TMS) support, publish S1000D (incl. Issue 5.0) or ATA iSpec 2200 compliant IETPs, and deliver technical communication projects that feature 3D PDF and PDF/A support.

Repurpose key assets

Reuse 3D models with the integrated XVL Studio Corel Edition, and the optional XVL Studio 3D CAD Corel Edition add-on for advanced 3D CAD assembly formats. With 3D visualization efficiencies, you can insert 3D models as linked or embedded objects into Corel DESIGNER files for instant access, sharing and reference.

Tools for high-impact visual communication

From manufacturing and engineering to architecture and high tech, we’ve got you covered with timesaving new illustration features and game-changing tools to help reach new levels of productivity

What's new?

What's new?

NEW IN 2020

Seamless review, feedback, and collaboration

New game-changing collaboration tools enable you to connect with clients and colleagues on technical designs like never before.

  • Share your concepts with your reviewers, inviting them to view, annotate, and comment directly on your CorelDRAW design file using
  • Making design changes couldn’t be easier, with feedback from one or many contributors, all in one place—your working file.
? Collaboration features eligibility
Improved styles workflow
NEW IN 2020

Improved styles workflow

Boost your productivity when it comes to working with lines, halos, and styles.

  • Save time with the new thick and thin line drawing mode by automatically adjusting line weights on curves, rectangles, ellipses, and more.
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  • When adding halos on lines, enjoy the new ability to lock the ratio between your outline width and halo width for seamless scaling.
Enhanced callout handing
NEW IN 2020

Enhanced callout handing

Enjoy a number of new optimizations when it comes to communicating information about a specific part of a technical drawing or illustration.

  • Use new Legless Callout tool when you want to add a callout that doesn’t need a leader line to create distance from the part.
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  • Save time by automatically applying hotspots and object information on callouts as you draw them and attach callouts to nested groups.
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  • Enjoy the new ability to attach object information to symbols.
Timesaving new features and faster performance
NEW IN 2020

Timesaving new features and faster performance

Work more efficiently with a noticeably more responsive suite of applications, packed with tools that make a timesaving impact on your design experience.

  • The new Wrap feature in Corel DESIGNER 2020 makes it quick and easy to precisely wrap an object around a cylinder, like adding a label to a bottle.
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  • Process images in high gear with upsampling and JPEG artifact removal, powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Get next-level bitmap-to-vector trace results, made exceptional by machine learned algorithms.
Improved 3D repurposing with XVL Studio Corel Edition
NEW IN 2020

Improved 3D repurposing with XVL Studio Corel Edition

Technical illustrators who leverage 3D designs from existing sources will benefit from a number of updates to XVL Studio Corel Edition.

  • Enjoy a simplified object structure for imported 3D views in Corel DESIGNER.
  • Find metadata from assemblies, parts, dimensions and notes that correspond to Corel DESIGNER illustrations in Corel DESIGNER’s Object Data window.
  • With optimized snapshots workflow, you can now link parts and notes to specified snapshots, and send multiple snapshots at once without repeated interaction.
NEW IN 2020

Features packed with artificial intelligence

Process images in high gear with AI-powered upsampling and JPEG artifact removal and enjoy next-level bitmap-to-vector trace results, made exceptional by machine learned algorithms.

Powerful visual communication tools at your fingertips



Precise design and illustration tools
Precision layout


Object Styles
Equation Editor


Collaborative review and approval
Thick and thin line drawing
Perspective effect
GPU accelerated vector previews


Compatibility with the latest file formats

Extensive file compatibility

Publish, share and output technical documents to meet technical publication standards with and over 100 other data file formats. Use cross-media publishing and distribution, including CGM, WebCGM (incl. S1000D 5.0), SVG and PDF, to share in a readable format.

Designed for Windows

Designed from the ground up for Windows


Work quickly and efficiently with Windows Real-Time Stylus pen-compatible tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface, in addition to the Wacom tablet and devices.


Create quick adjustments using touch or a stylus. The Touch workspace maximizes the size of your drawing window by displaying only the tools and commands used most often, plus you can pan and zoom with a single gesture.


Enjoy support for wheel devices, such as the Microsoft Surface Dial. Experience an alternative and more intuitive way of working in Corel DESIGNER and CorelDRAW by using touch and dial alone. Put your keyboard aside and try the contextual onscreen UI.

What's Included


  • Corel DESIGNER™ 2020– Precise technical illustration
  • CorelDRAW® 2020 – Vector illustration and page layout
  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT™ 2020 – Professional image editing
  • XVL Studio Corel Edition – 3D visualization and authoring
  • Corel Font Manager™ – Font exploration and management tool
  • PowerTRACE™ – AI-powered bitmap-to-vector tracing (included as part of Corel DESIGNER and CorelDRAW applications)
  •™ - Online vector illustration and graphic design via web browser
  • CAPTURE™ – Screen capture tool
  • AfterShot™ 3 HDR – RAW photo editor


  • 4,000 industry-standard symbols: Architectural, Electrical, General, Mechanical, and Tools
  • 7,000 clipart, digital images, and vehicle wrap templates
  • 1,000 high-resolution digital photos
  • Over 1,000 TrueType and/or OpenType fonts
  • Over 150 professionally designed templates, incl. 40+ technical ANSI, DIN, and ISO standard templates
  • Over 600 fountain, vector and bitmap fills


Compare versions

See what’s new in CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2020 compared to previous versions, and how the feature set compares to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

CorelDRAW Technical Suite Version Comparison (PDF)
Which CorelDRAW product is right for you? (PDF)

= Feature included

= Limited feature availability






What's New

ENHANCED! Enhanced isometric drawing tools


NEW! Thick and Thin Lines
NEW! Wrap tool
ENHANCED! Callout tools


NEW! Legless Callouts
ENHANCED! Hotspot capabilities


NEW! Automatic Hotspots
ENHANCED! Halos on curves


ENHANCED! Technical illustrations from 3D


ENHANCED! Marketing graphics from 3D


ENHANCED! Non-destructive bitmap effects


ENHANCED! Transform docker


ENHANCED! Create and apply styles


NEW! Art Style effects
NEW! Smart Selection Mask
NEW! AI-powered upsampling
NEW! JPEG artifact removal
NEW! Non-destructive effects in Corel PHOTO-PAINT™
ENHANCED! Object Styles and Style Sets


ENHANCED! Corel Font Manager™


ENHANCED! Font list box


NEW! Variable Fonts support
NEW! Numbered lists
ENHANCED! Bulleted lists


ENHANCED! Find and Replace docker


ENHANCED! Compatibility with latest file formats


100+ 100+ 100+
ENHANCED! AutoCAD .DWG / .DXF support


(R2.5 - v2020)
(R2.5 – v2019) (R2.5 – v2018) (R2.5 – v2017)
ENHANCED! Native 3D CAD support (optional add-on)


(XVL Studio 3D CAD Corel Edition 2020
(XVL Studio 3D CAD Corel Edition 2019) (Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition 2018 (Lattice3D Studio CAD Corel Edition 2017)
ENHANCED! Vectorization of scanned blueprints


NEW! Collaboration workflow*




ENHANCED! 3D PDF Publishing


ENHANCED! CGM V4 (WebCGM, ATA Grexchange, ActiveCGM)


NEW! Comments docker
ENHANCED! Performance


ENHANCED! GPU accelerated vector preview


ENHANCED! Design templates**


Projected drawing tools
Line style sets
Objects docker (Object Manager docker) (Object Manager docker)
Insert 3D model
Pixel-perfect workflow
Projected dimensions
Projected Arrowheads
Live guides and alignment tools
Boundary tools
Parallel line drawing tool
Total control over fills and transparency
Hatch fills
Equation Editor
Connector line tools
Drawing scale control
Optimize geometric objects
Geometric information dialog box
Symmetry drawing mode
LiveSketch™ drawing tool
Add Perspective effect
Apply envelopes to bitmaps
Align and distribute nodes
Support for Real-Time Stylus (RTS)
QR Code generator

AfterShot 3 HDR
Straighten photos and adjust photo perspective interactively
High-quality renderings from 3D
Smart Carver
Tone curve adjustments
Image Adjustment Lab

Paste in View
Color Harmonies
Color management and support
Advanced OpenType support
Complex script support
Master Layers

SharePoint CMS integration
(Exclusive to CorelDRAW Enterprise license)
Micrografx Designer support (DSF, DRW, DS4)
RAW camera support


3D import

Publish to WordPress
Translation Memory System (TMS) support
WebCGM 2.0, 2.1 + S1000D support (S1000D Issue 5.0) (S1000D 4.2) (S1000D Issue 4.2) (Up to S1000D Issue 4.1)
SVG output
Publish 3D online and to mobile devices

Technical Illustration workspace
Support for UltraHD display
Advanced multi-monitor support
Fully scalable and customizable UI
Touch-friendly user interface
Microsoft Surface support
Multiple document interface

Native 64-bit computing
Optimized for Windows 10 (v1903 and later) (v1803 - v2004) (v1607 - v1809) (Up to v1709)
Automation capabilities (VSTA 2019 & VBA 7.1; JavaScript) (VSTA 2017 & VBA 7.1; JavaScript) (VSTA 2017 & VBA 7.1) (VSTA 2015 & VBA 7.1)

Symbols (referenced graphics objects)
Professional clipart**
High-quality photos**
Specialized fonts**

*Note: Collaboration features are only available with a CorelDRAW subscription or a perpetual license with Maintenance.
**In order to access this collection of tools, you need to be connected to the Internet. Purchase and authentication of CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2020 are required.

Tech Specs

  • Windows 10*, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7, in 64-bit, all with latest Updates and Service Packs
  • Intel Core i3/5/7/9 or AMD Ryzen 3/5/7/9/Threadripper, EPYC
  • OpenCL 1.2 capable video card (recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
  • 7.4 GB hard disk space
  • Multi-touch screen, mouse or tablet
  • 1280 x 720 screen resolution at 100% (96 dpi)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.7.2
  • DVD drive optional (for box installation);
  • Installation from DVD requires a download of up to 2 GB
  • Internet connection is required to install and authenticate CorelDRAW Technical Suite and access some of the included software components, online features and content.

*CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2020 supports Windows 10, version 1903, 1909 and later versions which may be released during the lifecycle of CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2020.

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