CorelCAD 2017.5 Update - Release Notes

This update includes the following improvements and enhancements.

User Interface

  • New dark user interface (UI) style: You can now switch between the default light UI style and a new dark UI. In the Options dialog, choose System Options > Display. In the User interface style area, choose Dark to change the UI color. Relaunch the application to apply the changes.

Productivity enhancements

  • Functionality added to use @ prefix to specify relative angle values.
  • Quick Input box now supports surveyor units.
  • Undo and Redo now display a list of the recently used commands.
  • Keyboard shortcuts added to modify multiple layouts at the same time.
  • Print Screen data (screenshots) can now be pasted into a drawing using the Paste command (Ctrl+V) (Windows only).
  • New External reference fading control allows semi-transparent display of referenced drawings.

Performance and stability

  • Loading of large script files improved (LoadScript command).


  • Layer option added to the Hatch / Fill dialog to create new hatches and gradient fills on specific layer.
  • Improved Arc creation in custom coordinate systems.


  • Improved Print Preview and output performance of specific drawings when printing to PDF.
  • Printing quality enhancements for objects on locked layers when printing using external PDF drivers.
  • Print quality for high resolution OLE data improved when printing to PDF (Windows only).


  • Improved display of 3D shaded views.
  • Offset command behavior enhanced for polylines.
  • Improved visual quality of pasted OLE data from Microsoft Excel sheets (Windows only).
  • Region command now has enhanced support for curved polyline segments.