CorelCAD 2018.5 Update - Release Notes

This update includes the following improvements and enhancements.

  • Added new RollView sub-commands to perform specific view rotations in 3D space:
    • RollViewFree
    • RollViewContinuous
    • RollViewHorizontal
    • RollViewVertical
  • Added a StyleManager command that lets you open the PrintStyle folder to add or delete color-dependent (.ctb) and named (.stb) PrintStyle table files.
  • Added a command line version of the EditComponent command: -EditComponent
  • Improved the behavior of sub-options for the FreezeLayer and HideLayer commands that are used for externally referenced drawings (References).
  • Stretch command: Improved functionality of the Last / Previous option when selecting objects.
  • Align command: Improved to help align objects by using 3 points.
  • EditDimension command: Improved the Oblique option.
  • Improved EntitySnap functionality for PDF Underlay objects.
  • Improved Region command functionality to support Spline shapes.
  • Sweep command: Improved functionality of the Twist > Bank
  • Added a new toolbar to facilitate changes to the Custom Coordinate Systems (CCS II toolbar).
  • Improved the ability to copy text from the Command Window.
  • ExportBMP and ExportJPG now recognize object transparency when exporting to bitmap or JPEG files.