CorelCAD 2019 Update - Release Notes


This update includes the following improvements and enhancements.

  • New CustomBlock commands:
    • CBWBlockAs: Saves the CustomBlock as a separate drawing file.
    • -EditBlock: Lets you open a specified Block in the Block Editor (command line version of the EditBlock command).
    • CBCycleOrder: Changes the grip points cycling order for a CustomBlock reference.
  • Enhanced Layers Manager palette:
    • Context menu with options for controlling the column size.
    • Isolate selected layers is available in the Layers Manager context menu in Preview mode.
    • Improved Layer Preview mode. Only transparent commands are allowed.
  • Comments palette enhancements:
    • Comment threads now display the Profile Name.
    • Objects comments now display the number of objects.
  • Print Preview is now available in the Quick Access toolbar.
  • Customization command has been enhanced with options to control the workspace behavior.
  • External References: A message is now displayed when updating an external reference file.
  • ChamferEdges and FilletEdges commands let you specify multiple faces.
  • CCS (Custom Coordinate System) command enhancement: The Face option lets you align the CCS to a specified face of a 3D solid.
  • -DimStyle command enhancement: The Status option lets you display the current values of all dimension system variables in the command window.
  • EditCustomBlock command has been renamed to EditBlock.
  • Layer Properties Manager: Predefined filters for References and Viewport Overrides are now automatically created.
  • Hatch command: Improved behavior when generating hatches or fills with the same properties as a specified hatch object.
  • FIND command: The search string can contain parentheses.
  • Options dialog: Improved search feature now finds Model, Background, and Sheet options.
  • Print dialog: Printing to PDF now supports PDF output with drawing layers.
  • ExportPDF command: Improved print style table selection.
  • ExportSTL command: STL resolution is now factored into the tessellation and discretization.