CorelCAD 2021 Update - Release Notes


This update includes performance and stability improvements.

  • DWG files that contain specific print configuration settings no longer generate an application error in CorelCAD, specifically when switching from Sheet layout to Model space.


This update includes the following improvements.

Improvements and fixes

  • CorelCAD will not crash when you add or remove annotation scale.
  • Dimension text has been updated after CCS changed. Some objects disappear when saving a custom block is fixed.
  • Error message “Makes the hatch unassociated” has been fixed when using EGrips on custom block edit mode.
  • Error message “Drawing can't be saved” has been fixed after user checks drawing standard.
  • Change attribute values are now working.
  • Fixes have been implemented to dynamic blocks where objects incorrectly changed the position after a block was modified. It now displays the correct properties table.
  • Users will now be able to view the Export to CDR/DES file formats in the menu.
  • Fixes to Hatch with origin point in the hatch grip are now working. Boundary object is displayed after using the trim command.
  • Copy from reference drawing no longer results in an unstable application status.
  • Improvements have been made to the palette when resizing palette width. The width is now consistent when changing from float to dock.
  • Print improvements
    • There is no longer missing geometry on output printing with system printer.
    • Selected paper size now corresponds to what was saved on page layout.
    • Stretched output for some geometry in viewports is fixed.
  • Objects now follow mouse direction if CCS is changed.
  • Incorrect error message has been fixed when parallel sessions are open on first session.
  • Incorrect highlighted object after ‘join using splinedit’ command is now fixed.
  • TrueType Fonts display improvements for jagged texts.
  • There is improved zoom performance on specific cases.


This update includes the following improvements and enhancements.

New enhancements

  • NCOPY command lets you directly copy drawing objects that are nested into a block or external reference (XREF)
  • Sheet Set Manager is a great organizational tool for sheets that lets you keep all drawings and sheets accessible at the same point and time. This flexibility lets you customize the structure for your projects and workflows. Features include:
    • Model and Sheet views navigation
    • Place on sheet tool to automatically link Model and Sheet views
    • Custom subsets for grouping sheets
    • Properties support on sheet set, subset, and sheet
    • Functions for numbering and naming sheets and views
    • Support for sheet templates so that it is easier to create new sheets
    • Custom callouts, view labels, and title blocks can be created using shapes and fields/properties
    • Multi-user functionality support
    • Publish to PDF, DWF and DWFx(1) or print sheets
    • Publish operations can run in the background
    • Full compatibility with DST files created in other CAD applications
    • Sheet list tables let you view all the information in a sheet set

             (1) Publish to PDF, DWF or DWFx and related options are not supported on macOS release.


  • FILLET is now supported in splines to fillet with line and ellipse.
  • SPLINEDIT tool has a new Join option to combine a spline with other objects.
  • UI scaling has been improved to support moving the application window to a screen that has a lower resolution.
  • Cursor display issues related to unwanted objects have been fixed.
  • FIND functionality improved for find and replace when working with the text in a block attribute.
  • TIFF image insertion is improved (size) for the ATTACHIMAGE command.
  • DWF printing is improved for the print range “Window.
  • PlotDate field display and printing is improved for the field command.
  • Cursor movement issue that occurred with complex 3D drawings is fixed.
  • Custom Blocks issue that hid stretch grip after changing the visibility is fixed.
  • ESnap detection enhanced for 3D body and Dynamic UCS.
  • CLIPIMAGEM command now lets you restore a deleted image frame.
  • Fixed crash that occurred after joining splines on UCS modified.
  • Sheet tab switching is improved.