CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 - Update 1: Release notes

Addressing a number of customer-reported and other issues, Update 1 will improve your experience with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. The list of performance and stability improvements includes:

Application workspace

  • Importing a CorelDRAW X8 or a Corel PHOTO-PAINT X8 workspace no longer grays out floating dockers.
  • Symbol Manager Docker: The Insert symbol and Edit symbol buttons now use different icons and can be easily identified.
  • Customization: The Boundary command appears under Object on the Commands page of the Options dialog box
    (Tools > Customization menu, Customization list of categories).
  • Object Coordinates docker: The Replace object button is readily available when the up and down arrows are used to set new values.

Curve editing, vector previews, and display

  • The Highlight selected objects option works as expected with the default color scheme for vector previews, nodes, and handles (solid mode).
  • Overlapping nodes selected with the Shape tool are visible even when node types are shown in different colors.
  • Objects with subpaths: When you select the start or end node of a subpath and edit the curve by dragging the control handles, the preview shows the changes along the entire path.
  • Editing nodes in mesh fills and complex curves is faster and without flickering.
  • All nodes in envelopes are properly displayed.
  • Selecting and redrawing objects in complex drawings is now faster.

Photo editing

  • You can now open RAW files from Canon 7D in Corel PHOTO-PAINT.


  • Various issues were fixed, making it easier and faster to edit, preview, and move text both with the default color scheme for previews and nodes (solid mode) and with the XOR mode, the default preview and node mode for X8 and earlier versions.


  • The Virtual Segment Delete tool now works as expected on curve objects.
  • It is now faster to select nodes and objects with the Virtual Segment Delete tool, the Shape tool, and the Pick tool


The following actions no longer cause CorelDRAW to stop responding:

  • printing certain files that contain dimension lines
  • adding or editing transparencies in symbols that have dimension lines
  • importing certain SVG files