Graphic Design Apps: The Ultimate Guide on Picking an App

Choosing the right graphic design app is an essential step in every graphic designer's practice. From the ease of use to price to general features, there is much to consider when picking the right app for your visual design needs. Read on to learn more about graphic design apps and to pick up some tips on how to choose the best app for all of your graphic design projects.

What is a graphic design app?

Modern graphic design software allows graphic designers to create beautiful, creative, and well-finished designs for magazines, websites, logos, and so much more. While graphic design apps provide the tools to create professional-looking designs, not all graphic design apps are created equally. Learn more about how graphic design apps differ and how to find the right one for your design needs below.

How to choose the best graphic design app

Whether you're an experienced digital artist or an amateur graphic designer, the first thing you should consider when picking graphic design apps for your practice is what you plan to create. Certain graphic design apps will be better suited to your needs compared to others based on what you intend to create in your design practice. To discover what graphic design app is better suited to your needs, you will need to examine the app's features, its ease of use, and of course, its price.


Some top features to consider with picking a graphic design app are the primary features and functions available within the app. Before choosing a graphic design app, think about which of the following features would be most beneficial to your practice:

  • Raster focused graphic design apps
  • Vector focused graphic design apps
  • Photo editing capabilities
  • Logo design creation
  • Painting, drawing, and text tools
  • Compatibility on multiple devices and platforms

Ease of Use

Along with getting the right features out of your graphic design app, you also want to ensure that the app is easy to use. As a graphic designer, you don't want to have to spend more time learning complex software tools than you spend creating incredible designs. Therefore, ease of use is extremely important when it comes to picking the right graphic design app for your needs.


A final and incredibly important element to consider when selecting a graphic design app is the price. While certain graphic design software can be quite pricey, the good news is that many graphic design software companies provide free trials of their products. Luckily, this will allow you to try out a variety of graphic design apps to see which one suits your needs best.

CorelDRAW is one of the best free graphic design apps to get started with. The app is extremely user-friendly, is a cross-platform software compatible with both Windows and Mac, and comes with a free trial period too. The best part of CorelDRAW is that, unlike other graphic design apps, you can still use the free version of the CorelDRAW app even after the trial version has ended. However, once you do find the best graphic design app for your needs, you should not hesitate to purchase the app or graphic design subscription, as it will prove to be a very good investment for your overall graphic design practice.

Final thoughts on graphic design apps

Investing in an excellent graphic design app will always be beneficial to your craft. However, finding the best graphic design apps that meet all of your needs can be challenging. As you're picking your next graphic design app, remember to keep features, ease of use, and price top of mind. Don't be afraid to shop around and check out the trial versions of the multiple apps to find the best graphic design app for your design needs.

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