Gifts for Graphic Designers: A Gift Guide

Creating custom gift lists for everyone in your family and friend groups is a great way to prepare for holidays, birthdays, and other celebrations. If you know graphic designers — whether they're professionals that love diving into the technological trends in the industry or hobbyists who love creating new designs — finding them fun gear and software can be the perfect choice. So when you're looking for inspiration for gifts for graphic designers, consider these must-have items.

What do graphic designers need?

If you're a utilitarian gift-giver, there are plenty of items that graphic designers need in order to create high-quality work at home. Options for practical gifts include:

  • An ergonomic desk setup: Graphic design takes hours to produce, whether the designers are doing it for love or money, so help them stay comfortable with the right desk accessories. Since this is a broad category, it's perfect for any budget. Options range from a high-end desk chair or standing desk to an ergonomic back support, a cushion, or a monitor stand.
  • A hard drive: No matter what type of graphic design your recipient prefers, all online artwork takes up space. Gift them a reliable hard drive that they can plug into their computer, store their portfolio on, and even carry from place to place. Today's hard drives are increasingly slim, but you can further boost the portability by giving them a subscription to space on the cloud instead.
  • Graphic design software: Beginners, advanced artists, and freelancers need a solid platform that they can work on. Shop around for a graphic design and computer artistry software like CorelDRAW, which has all features graphic designers need to create high-definition 2D and 3D works of art without unwieldy tools and lag times.
  • Graphics tablet: A mouse and a keyboard often aren't enough to create highly intricate designs, and general-purpose computer tools can hold graphic designers back. Consider giving them a graphics tablet so they can draw freehand. If you're looking for a gift on the lower end of your budget, opt for a stylus or a charging station that is compatible with their current hardware.

What do graphic designers want?

Good gifts for graphic designers don't have to be necessities. Some graphic designers also have pretty specific hardware and software depending on their niche. So if you're looking for something a little more lighthearted that suits graphic design, consider these gift options:

  • Pick up their subscription: If you don't want to guess what software tools your giftee prefers, renew the license for their favorite tools and licenses they already have. This is an easy way to give a themed gift you know they'll love.
  • A reproduction of their favorite image: Whether it's their own favorite masterpiece, another artist's image that inspires them, or other fun graphic artwork, create a copy to hang in their office or on their desk.
  • Noise-canceling headphones: Whether they spend time in a noisy office, a busy coffee shop, or their home office, noise-canceling headphones are always a good bet for professionals and hobbyists. Depending on your budget and their preferences, you can choose between wired and wireless, headsets and earbuds, and plenty of other features.

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Don't let gift-giving be stressful! Whether you're shopping for the holidays, a birthday, a graduation, or another important occasion, getting someone a gift that fits their passion is always in style and shares that you care about their interests. If you decide graphic design software is the perfect gift, download CorelDRAW today and cross the gift off your to-do list!

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