Graphic Editor: How to Choose the Best Software

Professional graphic designers and enthusiasts face a challenge in choosing the right software thanks to the evolution of graphic editors. Designers can either choose professional design tools, like CorelDRAW, an online graphic editor, or inbuilt apps like the graphic editor Mac. However, some designers may not know when to use a vector graphics editor or raster graphics software. Inability to choose the right software leads to low-quality designs and frustrations for the user. Read on to learn how to select the best software for your design.

What are graphic editors?

Graphic editors are computer software that allows users to manipulate and edit graphical images for use in various areas. The software either comes with a computer like the graphic editor mac or can be purchased from a developer. An online graphic editor is available online for free or at a small fee.

However, professional graphic designers may not make much use of the inbuilt or online editors and prefer professional design suits. Professional graphic editors use a range of tools that aid image design and edits. There are two types of editors—a vector graphics editor and raster-based editors.

Vector graphics editor

A vector graphic editor is software that allows the user to create and edit vector graphic images. Vector images use mathematical programs and geometry to create or edit images on a graphical interface. Since vector images use mathematical shapes and lines, they allow the user to edit and enlarge images without developing resolution issues. The image retains its sharpness no matter the number of times it is enlarged.

Raster-based editors

Some graphic editors use the pixels to edit graphical images. A pixel is the smallest single unit of a graphical image. Programs that use pixels to edit images are known as raster-based editors. One of the main challenges with raster-based editors is resolution issues. Raster-based images lose their sharpness upon enlargement. However, raster-based editors are good for color and tone manipulation.

How to choose the best graphic editor

There are several factors to consider before choosing a graphic editor. The best software would be the one that meets all or most of your preferences. Although different designers may have different perspectives, the following factors will help you in choosing the right editor for your design.


Most professional graphic editors are expensive and may drive your design costs high. You should, therefore, choose software that meets your design needs but is not very expensive. CorelDRAW is a good example of a professional editor that gives you the best edits without stretching your budget.

Type of assignment

Some graphic editors are better for specific tasks but have shortcomings when applied to others. Designs that require image enlargement may not work well on raster-based editors due to resolution issues. If you are in the signage industry, using vector editors like this New CorelDRAW Graphics Suite will help you develop high-resolution graphic images regardless of their size.

Compatibility of the software with your computer

The software that you choose must be compatible with your computer if it is to serve its purpose. Although most editors are compatible with Windows, CorelDRAW software is specifically built for Windows and are therefore the best designers using Windows computers.

Ease of use

Your software of choice should be devoid of unnecessary complications. It should also have an interactive and user-friendly interface.

Client specification

Sometimes clients may specify the type of software to be used in designing and saving their designs. It is always good to stick to the client's request to avoid conflicts. However, if the client has not specified their preferred software, consider using CorelDRAW software.

Bottom line

Whether you are a professional designer or a graphical enthusiast, choosing the right software is the first step in enhancing the quality of your graphical images. CorelDRAW professional graphic editors are designed to give you the best experience in your work, as well as value for your money.

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