HDR Photo: The Ultimate Guide to HDR Images

Have you ever tried taking pictures in a high-contrast scene, but the end product did not impress you? You are not alone. Even under a perfect exposure, you can still get some scenes that will tend to get flat shadows, blown-out highlights, or both. Fortunately, you can resolve these issues through the magic of HDR processing.

HDR brings out the brightest highlights and the deepest shadows in a scene. You can use this tool when taking interior images in the real estate industry or outdoor locations. Read on for more details about what HDR is and how to make an HDR image.

What is an HDR photo?

Essentially, an HDR photo is an image with an unusually high dynamic range. In HDR photography, you take multiple photos at different exposure levels but of the same scene, then blend them to create a perfect HDR image. Nowadays, most of the images used across the web are HDR photos. Depending on how HDR photos get processed, they can be anything from stunning and accurate productions to mind-blowing perfect works of art that transform different landscapes' reality into a high definition dreamscape. In a nutshell, HDR gives your photos a better look, but the outcome will depend on how you use it.

How to make an HDR image

Before creating an appealing HDR image, you need to gather all the necessary HDR photo tools. Get your camera, a tripod, and photo editing software such as Corel PHOTO-PAINT ready. Once you have all the vital HDR photo tools, it's time to get that mind-boggling and eye-popping worth of a photo.

Here are different ways to make HDR photos:

Auto HDR mode

In the last few years, cameras have become more advanced, and they come with an inbuilt auto HDR feature. Using auto HDR is simple because your camera shoots a bracketed sequence of exposure and then combines them into an HDR photo.

HDR on your smartphone

If you have an iOS device, they have three HDR options, which you can use with any still image mode – Auto, Off, or On. When the setting is on, your Apple device captures three different images then merges them into one photo. In the auto setting, your iOS device will capture high-contrast scenes in HDR mode. Setting the HDR off deactivates HDR capture mode.

The HDR mode isn't straightforward on Android devices since manufacturers have added default camera apps and their own skins. However, the experience isn't so much different. You will get the HDR shooting mode, also referred to as 'Rich Tone.' When shooting, your device will capture several exposures and stitch them together automatically to make a final HDR image.


You can also use Corel PHOTO-PAINT to create perfect HDR images and also perform other editing tasks. Additionally, this software provides you with professional photo editing tools and also supports PSD files.

To create HDR images using this software, you only need to download AfterShot 3 HDR from Corel PHOTO-PAINT at no extra cost. On the welcome screen, you can access the HDR merge module. This option allows you to create HDR images that have a broad tonal range.


If you've always wanted to capture those breathtaking images that you see across the web, you can get out there and create them. Although you may not have high-end cameras or mobile devices with a quality in-built HDR feature, Corel PHOTO-PAINT is an excellent alternative to help you create perfect HDR photos. Start your design journey today by downloading the new CorelDRAW Graphic Suite, which features Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

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