Hoodie Design Maker: How to Choose the Best Software

Hoodies are the ultimate in casual wear. They feel good and look stylish as well, but, as with most things, it's nice to make something unique to you. In other words, to customize the hoodie so the design speaks to who you are. Increasingly manufacturers are marketing hoodies that can be customized by businesses and organizations. But what if you want to create a hoodie of your own at home? This guide will give you tips on what makes a good hoodie design and how to choose the best software to bring your ideas to life.

What makes a good hoodie design

Before you design your own hoodie, there are some details you should think about, including:

  • The type of art you use: It's always best to create your own design or hire someone to make your vision a reality. Either way, you want your hoodie to be as unique as you are.
  • Choose the right hoodie: Generally, hoodies come in two styles the type with a zipper in the front and the type you pull over your head. Either style you choose will cause you to sacrifice something. The zipper in the front is more stylish but forces you only to put your design on the back and perhaps a side pocket. Pullovers give you more design choices but are not as fashion-forward.
  • Choose the right colors: You want your design to stand out on various colored hoodies. Customers like a choice when it comes to color, so the more colors your design works with, the more options you'll have.
  • Choose the fabric for your hoodie: An 80-20 blend of cotton to artificial fibers gives a nice feel to your hoodie and still allows you to transfer your design to the material easily.

Now that you've considered designing your hoodie next, you need to pick the software to create your design.

How to choose the best software

If you're going to be designing your own hoodie, you're going to need software to help you, but what are you looking for in design-creating software?

  • Templates: Sometimes, you don't know exactly what you want. Having a variety of templates to help spark your imagination is the perfect way to get the hoodie of your dreams.
  • Price: Some software is too expensive. CorelDRAW is fairly priced for any application you need it for and is especially good at hoodie design.
  • User-friendly: The software package you purchase does no good if you can't use it. You want to ensure that the program's interface is user-friendly so you get the most out of your money.
  • Virtual visualization: You want the ability to see a virtual representation of your hoodie before you commit to printing a real-world sample. You need your program to be able to create these virtual representations for you.
  • Easy upgrades and maintenance: You want the graphics program you purchase to last as long as possible, so you want to ensure that updates will automatically be found on the web when a new version is ready for download.


CorelDRAW is the perfect software for whatever type of hoodie you want to design. Here are some steps where CorelDRAW can help in the printing process.

  • The Fit Object to Path extension allows you to take any design and customize its placement, so it's perfect for your hoodie.
  • The Pointilizer extension allows you to create "mosaics, patterns and artistic designs" to make your image exactly how you want it.
  • The Impact Effects extension gives the illusion of movement and action to any image you create.

No matter what type of hoodie you are making, CorelDRAW will ensure you have the best materials for the best outcome.

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