Icon Maker Online: How to Find the Best Online Software

Icons are one of the more fundamental elements of graphic design. They are diverse visual tools, with a variety of useful applications in visual communication. You can use icons for everything from making company logos, to presentations and infographics, among others. In many ways, they represent the product's identity, setting it apart from others.

The good thing is that we are at an age where you don't need advanced design skills to create your own icons. All you need is an icon maker.

In this post, we shall elaborate on exactly what an icon maker is and guide you on what to look for when deciding on the best online icon maker software.

What is an icon maker?

Icon makers are basically online software that you can use to make icons. This means it is specially developed to create, edit, save and share icon designs that represent a concept or meaning for a user.

Usually, they feature a variety of tools you can use to craft custom illustrations and images to make your icons. With this, you get to achieve the intended design faster, using the least effort.

While they do serve the purpose of creating icons, most of these software can also be used to achieve other graphic designs.

How to find the best online icon maker software

Finding icon maker online tools that suit your personal preferences can become daunting, especially if you have no idea what to look for. And even if you do know what to look for, there are tons of platforms offering similar services, which makes it all the more difficult to know which one will work for you.

To help you out, here are some factors you should consider before deciding on a specific online icon maker software as your preferred tool.


Costs are a major factor to consider when choosing an online icon maker software.  Generally, online service providers should be cheaper than buying the actual software because of subscriptions. While most platforms offer competitive prices, CorelDRAW is leading the charge by offering a quality tool cheaply.

User-friendly interface

Tools and menus should be easy to access with customizable shortcuts where applicable. This allows you to set your own controls, which are easier to memorize. The platform should also offer educative training videos or articles on how to use the software. Usually they include a help module for frequently asked questions and troubleshooting solutions.

Extensive file format support

There are many file formats being used out there.  And for this reason, good software is one that easily imports and exports a variety of project assets based on client-provided files or needs. The best online icon maker software should support an immense list of publishing, graphic, image file formats.

Multi-device compatibility

Digital transformation has tremendously increased the need for multi-device compatibility and, as an illustrator, you need a platform that is not bound by technology constraints. Cross-platform compatibility across different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS and Android expands the usability of the software.

Easy sharing and cloud storage

Social media plays an important role in the modern world. Quality online icon making software should make it possible to share files or designs directly to your social media networks or clients, which then generates real-time interactions with your audience.

Cloud storage allows you to access your designs on the go and on different devices while saving device storage space. Storing your icons on the cloud is also a great way to back up your designs in case you lose them somehow.


Finding the best online maker software should not be that daunting anymore. By following this guide, novice and hobbyist icon makers should be able to make an informed decision when selecting their preferred software.

Remember, the quality of your icons is directly affected by the quality of software you use. And if you really want your icons to stand out, it is crucial that you use the proper tools. Check out CorelDRAW for some of the best icon maker tools out there.

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