Image Editor: The Ultimate Guide to Image Editors

Image editing technology has evolved from just simple black and white images to complex software packages. These packages have become vital in creating graphics. With the frequent improvement of this technology, professionals and graphic design hobbyists now have a chance to create something truly unique and remarkable.

What is an image editor?

Image editors are software packages such as Corel PHOTO-PAINT, (included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite), that produce graphics for the web, video, or print. Over the years, Corel advanced this software beyond simple image manipulation software to a full-featured photo editing software.

It's not easy to choose the best image editor, and many users get frustrated when the software they purchase does not meet their needs. This article will try to help you make an informed decision on what image editing package best suits your needs.

How to choose the best image editor

Different image editors differ in various ways. Therefore before choosing the preferred one, you must consider several factors. Here are some of the most important:


The prime concern of any customer is always the affordability of an item. This factor applies to image editors as well, which vary considerably in price. Although experts prescribe the relatively more expensive due to higher functionality, you can still find a simple image editor for free on the internet.

The problem with these simple editors is that they have poorly designed interfaces that have limitations. Therefore, what you need is a capable software package that is well within your price range.

Editing features

The features available are the most critical factor to consider when choosing the best image editor. First, you need to know which editing features are crucial and that the software with more of these features is the most capable. Unfortunately, most free online packages have inferior features making them a poor choice for anyone at any level of image editing.

When it comes to features and capability, CorelDRAW remains the most remarkable image editing package. Its advanced features, such as the image size editor, allow effortless and more profound image manipulation and design.

Ease of use

Image editors should be easy to understand and operate. User-friendliness is as critical as any other factor. A sophisticated editor with highly advanced features will not serve you as well if it isn't user-friendly. However, a package that is easy to understand and operate will consume less of your time and give you the required quality.


Another factor to consider is compatibility. The image editor you choose must function with a variety of operating systems. Image editors such as CorelDRAW are compatible with Windows operating systems as well as Macs.

In addition to being compatible with computers, they are also compatible with different mobile devices. Such software packages are the best because they do not limit you to specific systems and devices.

Additional/bonus features

Some packages come with additional features, such as plugins or downloadable materials that enhance their functionality. Such supplementary features are instrumental in creating masterful graphics. Through automation of certain functions, bonus features save a lot of time and make your work easier.

Although some additional features might cost you extra, they are worth every penny. Therefore, a package that comes with impressive bonus features should receive more of your consideration than one without.


The type of image editing software you use dictates the difference between a mediocre photo and a masterpiece. Therefore, before purchasing any editor, gauge its capabilities thoroughly. Once you have a package encompassing all the above guides, you can create stunning graphics with clarity, sharpness, brightness, or any other modification necessary for the project at hand.

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