Infographic Maker: A Guide to Choosing Infographic Software

As technology improves and AI becomes a common marketing tool, individuals and companies are dealing with more data and information than ever before and often are required to communicate that information to others. However, as more information is created and needing to be shared, people have less time to take in that information. Infographics compress vast amounts of information into bite-sized pieces.

Infographics are visual representations of data or information that are designed to present the information quickly and easily. By using graphics, the information is more readily digested and recalled by viewers. Infographics are used in many different ways, such as in classrooms, workplaces, or to build brand awareness. If you want to unleash this visual communication tool's power, you will need an infographic generator.

What is Infographic Software?

Infographics are usually created through graphic illustration software. This software allows even beginners to determine the information that they want to share in the infographic, select a template that will accommodate this information and has the aesthetic feel that they are seeking, and edit that infographic to add the information into it.

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Infographics are composed of three elements:

  • Visual elements, including color and graphics.
  • Content elements, such as time frames or statistics.
  • Knowledge elements, which include informational facts about the subject.

Using infographic software provides many benefits, such as saving an extraordinary amount of time designing the infographic. Designing your infographic by hand would take a long time and likely would not look professional. By using software, you can import your necessary information and graphics in a matter of minutes.

How to Choose the Best Infographic Creator

When it comes to designing infographics, there are a number of infographic creators out there. However, not all graphic software is created equal. In order to design the best infographics and have a hassle-free experience doing so, your infographic software should provide you with the tools that enable you to do the following:

  • The ability to create your infographic on whatever device and operating system you use.
  • Use pre-built templates to create a professional-quality infographic by simply plugging in your information in the data fields.
  • Obtain free clip-art, images, and fonts that can be used in the creation of your infographic.
  • The ability to upload and use your own images in your design.
  • The ability to easily return to the infographic and adjust information. 
  • A drag and drop interface that saves you time during design.
  • The ability to import your data from your spreadsheets into the styles you wish to use.
  • The ability to create pie charts and bar graphs for easy reporting of statistical data.
  • Unparalleled global support, including support for specific operating systems, tutorials, and an interactive community of designers like you.
  • The ability to download and share the infographic seamlessly.
  • Security features, such as user authentication to protect your work.
  • Flexible payment  options, including the ability to pay for a single-use application, a subscription to access the software in the cloud, or even a perpetual license that will enable you to own the software.
  • AI-powered image solutions that allow you to eliminate noise from highly compressed images and to apply new machine-learned effects to bitmaps and vectors.
  • The ability to design infographics for use on printed materials and on the web.

Infographic Creation with CorelDRAW

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