Packaging Design: The Ultimate Guide to Optimal Design

Excellent graphic design skills are incredibly valuable to businesses of all kinds that need to market and advertise their products. A product with an attractive packaging design is much more likely to catch a shopper's attention and result in sales for the business. For this reason, businesses and retailers of all kinds can look to graphic designers for help in designing their products' packaging to help boost their sales and give them a competitive edge over their competition.

The importance of having a good package design

A good package design is necessary for products of all kinds and across all industries. It can be the difference between a successful business and one that struggles to make sales and retain customers. When consumers are browsing for products either in-store or online, a well-designed and eye-catching package is going to help an item stand out and grab the shopper's attention. Especially when there are multiple versions of similar products available from different brands on the market, a sleek and visually appealing package can help one product win out over one that is shrouded in more generic packaging.

This is where the job of a graphic designer truly shines. Graphic design is the perfect form of visual communication that can simultaneously attract interested consumers with an aesthetically pleasing package design while conveying the message and personality of the brand. Because of this, the benefits that graphic designers can offer companies through their skills and talent is clear — the stunning packaging designs they can create will act as the perfect way to reel in prospective buyers and lead to more sales for the business.

How to choose software to design your package

When you go to design a product's packaging for a client, like any design, you will want to consult with them about their brand's style guide, including their logo, brand colors, typefaces, and other preferences. In some cases, they may have an idea mocked up for you to build upon, and in other cases, the client may require some of your help to come up with the best design for the product they have in mind. Either way, you will want to get as much contextual information as you can about what the product is, what it does, and what the brand's personality is like. These things will all help you understand what the feeling and tone of the design should be like.

You'll need to choose the right graphic design software to begin designing your client's product packaging. In addition to typical design features that you are likely familiar with from other types of projects, from designing online ads to signs or banners intended for printing — when it comes to packaging design, there is another feature you'll want to make sure is included in your software. Being able to render a preview of your packaging design in 3D is incredibly helpful, so you can review your work and see how the packaging will actually look once it's printed and packaged around the physical product.

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is an excellent choice for this type of work, as it can do all of that and more. From designing a stunning package in bold, eye-popping colors, to unique and attention-grabbing typeface, this software is a one-stop-shop for all of your design needs.


Good packaging design is essential for any product to help it stand out against the various options available from competitors. Graphic designers can give businesses a huge advantage by using their skills and services to create stand-out package designs for their products. With the help of graphic design, businesses can look forward to more successful product launches and continued increases in profits year over year.

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