Photo Art: How to Turn Your Photo into Art

Photo art is a calling that many have followed, especially since the dawn of social media. Through digital feeds and digital cameras, today's photo artists have captured something beyond just the snapped scene or the digital drawing. You, too, can transform your photos into breathtaking art, smile-inspiring memories, and wall-worthy display pieces that show something more than the original photo.

You can practice with anything, with photos of yourself, your friends, your pets, or the view outside your window. Take pictures at the park and test your photo-art with trees and squirrels, or try your candid shots of the city street. But how do you get started? What methods are used to make photograph art beautiful, meaningful, or truly original? Let's dive into techniques most often used to transform photos into art.

Digitally frame it

Put a frame around your photo. You don't need a $50+ frame for every one of your beautiful photos if you've got a screen to display them. Modern graphic effects make it possible to add a frame that looks as rich and nearly as three-dimensional as a real frame, You can design the perfect frame for every photo, or you can create a digital gallery wall of beautifully matching or artistically mismatching frames. This is a great addition for digital picture frames, picture walls, and virtual gallery boards.

The haze of nostalgia

One of the simplest ways to turn your photos into art is to add a hazy filter that alters the impression of your photo. A warm yellow haze with floating moats often summons the feeling of nostalgia, that golden glow of childhood and sunny days in our past. For memories you want to preserve with that same warm glow, try hazy photo filters that invoke the feeling that surrounded the time and relationship of the photo when it was taken.

Fun stickers and paint mark-ups

Many photo artists get started with stickers, often even in a phone app or other simple program that invites you to play with fun-snapped photos. You can beautify your photos with a vast array of fun, lovely, silly, or even meaningful stickers. Add labels and borders to spaces. Add hats, eye patches, and whiskers to the people in your photos. Make it fun. Make it lovely. Just make it your own.

Stickers and paint mark-ups are an easy way to begin your exploration into photo art. You can also use stickers and paint to map out quick ideas that you will draw out in more detail in future steps of your art project.

Paint- or sketch-ify the photo

Advanced image editing software like CorelDRAW includes a filter that can turn your photo into a painting of itself. Turn people into gorgeous portraits and scenery into landscapes. You can use a similar filter to turn your images into sketches, with a more charcoal look and feel than the color-rich painting filters. Experiment with ways to use your photo as a base for new art by changing the style but keeping the content and beautiful detail.

Digitally paint over the photo as inspiration

Use your photos to inspire your own original art. Let your inner artist free by transforming, painting, and reshaping the images in your photograph. Some artists like the paint-ify tool to bring the photo more into the realms of visual art. CorelDRAW specializes in not only the tools you need to filter and change your photo, but also to unleash your inner artist with visceral paint and precise point-tip drawing tools.

Replace the photo background or features

You can also create original photo art by altering the elements. Using advanced cut, copy, and arrangement editing tools you can turn one photo or a gallery of photos into something completely new. Remove and replace the background. Change the features or gestures of the subject. Add a building in the background or a surprise photo-bomb appearance. Or rebuild a city skyline into an alien landscape by rearranging the sky-cutting shapes.

Photos are not just snapshots of the real world, they are an inspiration for artistic expression. With an artistic vision and the right digital graphic art software tools, you can transform your photos into beautiful works of art in a wide variety of styles and rewarding projects.

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