Photo Restoration: The Ultimate How-to Guide

Photographs help restore our old memories from the past. If they aren't looking sharp, you need to be worried as your memories risk remaining in the past the more they continue to fade over time. The truth is, old photos lose their sharpness over time due to nature's acts and damage such as tears, ripping, water, fire, and more. Luckily, old and damaged photos can be brought back to grace through photo restoration.

What is photo restoration?

Photo restoration is the process of improving the quality of old photos that are either damaged or have faded naturally using digital restoration tools like CorelDRAW. These tools make it easier to reverse any blurriness or damage that may have occurred. While photo restoration has existed for years, modern photo editing tools make it easier to restore pictures. Some of these tools are easier to use, and anyone can leverage them to restore the quality of their old images.

How to digitally restore photos

How to restore photos digitally can be broken down into digestible steps. Here is what you need to do to restore old photos:

Scan your photographs

The first step of photo restoration involves scanning your images. Gather all the photos you wish to restore, and make sure to use a scanner that can produce high-quality images. The chance of getting better results is high when working with high-quality scanned images. So, try your best to scan your old photographs to at least 600 DPI to achieve the best quality possible.

Use the right software

You need to use the right photo editing software to bring back the lost vibes of your images. With the right photo editing tool, bringing any picture to life is fun, and you are assured of quickly achieving the desired results. CorelDRAW is a perfect tool for this job as it comes with a plug-in (Corel PHOTO-PAINT) specifically designed to help with photo editing.

With the Corel PHOTO-PAINT, you can comfortably and quickly restore your distorted, damaged, and faded images. This plug-in combines power and efficiency to allow you to breathe new life into your old photos, irrespective of how damaged they appear. It allows you to tweak your photos so that they look like what you want. With Corel PHOTO-PAINT, you can:

  • Quickly fix the color cast: Due to aging and scanning, the color cast may get distorted. Corel PHOTO-PAINT has a feature that lets you correct color casts.
  • Fix rips and tears: If your image is damaged, for example, by fire, water, or torn, the restoration process can help fix that by choosing the damaged areas and smoothening them with the surrounding colors. You will enjoy how PHOTO-PAINT makes that a breeze.
  • Restore dynamic range and contrast: For your photo to look natural at the end of the editing process, dynamic range and contrast must be restored. The Corel PHOTO-PAINT ensures you can achieve that in simple steps.

Save your photo and make a backup copy

Make sure to save your image with a name you can easily remember. Don't forget to make a backup copy and have it stored well. You can print your new image if necessary.


Restoring old photos to the highest possible quality is very easy when using the right tool. While that requires you to know how to use the specific tool to edit photos, if you are not able to use such a tool, it is best to hire a skilled graphic artist. CorelDRAW is easy to use, and you can master it in a few days. So before you decide to hire a CorelDRAW photo expert for the job, consider creating time to get the hang of it. Try CorelDRAW today and quickly bring back the lost vibes of your images.

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