Poster Creator: A Guide to Choosing a Poster Software

A poster is a large sheet of paper with images and text, temporarily placed in public view by definition. They are meant to be an eye-catching and informative form of print advertising. Further, the aesthetically pleasing nature of posters is the basis for cultivating them as an art form. Posters are used for informational campaigns or as permanent, frameable artwork. With the right poster creator program, you can design your own custom, creative posters.

Why make your own posters?

Designing your poster gives you a 100% artistic license. You have absolute control over the final product. As the work progresses, you have the opportunity to show draft versions to your peers for review. Hiring a graphic designer to make your poster can be costly, and it can limit you to the designer's sense of artistry and placement. As happens during the creative process, you can be hit with an inspired idea that makes your poster outstanding. The reasons for designing your posters are limitless:

Advertising — a trusted and effective marketing strategy, especially when well-designed.

Information — a tool for raising awareness and informing people on certain issues.

Motivation — a compilation of image and text meant to inspire high ethics and morale.

Education — a visual supplement that promotes a deeper understanding of oral presentations and speeches.

Aesthetics — as an art form with appealing visuals, graphics, and images used for home and office décor.

Whatever your purpose for designing your own poster, you will need a program or app to bring your design to life.

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What is a poster maker app?

A poster maker is an app that allows you to design custom printable posters for professional or personal use. The program is installed or downloaded onto your computer, and it allows you to create a design using images, graphics, colors, and text. Once your design is complete, it is printed on suitable poster paper. For large posters, a printer with specific dimensions is required. Commercial printing companies and office supply stores offer services for large-size printing.

Using a free poster maker

With some searching, you can find a poster making app free online. Be aware that "free" means you are restricted to working within the "one-click" confines of the limited features available on the app. The graphics tools can be faulty and frustrating. You must be willing to curb your creativity. The quality of your poster will always come in second compared with one created with professional graphics software.

How to choose a poster software

Whether you have minimal graphic design experience or a pro, the poster software you choose should offer all skill levels options. You will have the greatest advantage with an app that allows you to quickly develop your skills as a hobby or for professional use. The best poster making app gives you every option that you could not get using a free app.

  • Offers a free poster maker trial
  • Features a design gallery for creative inspiration
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Includes vector illustration, layout, photo editing and typography tools
  • Easy-to-learn intuitive system with tutorials and great technical support
  • Provides a free image and artwork library
  • Allows collaboration with clients and colleagues
  • Options for immediate purchase or subscription payments


Posters can capture our imaginations through sheer artistic appeal. The best poster software should enable you to produce unique designs with top-notch results in less time with automated functions. As a novice or professional graphic artist, you have the freedom to express your creativity and think "outside the box."

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