DCR Files: The Ultimate Guide to Kodak Raw Image Files

Camera manufacturers use file extensions to record different data from the photo scene. You will need programs to edit, convert, open, and view your file extensions. Kodak, just like many camera manufacturers, has specific file extensions for their raw images. One of the popular raw images on Kodak cameras is the DCR file. Here is a guide on DCR files to help you know more about the file format.

What is a DCR file?

Digital Camera Raw (DCR) is a raw image created by Kodak. The image format is used to store uncompressed image files. The DCR images are taken without any image adjustments. The DCR image contains the time the picture was taken and the information about the picture. The .Dcr file extension is created by the SLR Kodak digital camera. The DCR file format allows you to take photographs without making any color adjustments or compressing the captured image file. With the DCR file, you can edit the image.

How to use DCR files

How do you use your DCR files? Here is how to open and convert the DCR file format.

How to open DCR files

Now that you know what a DCR file is, the next thing is to know how to open a DCR file. You'll need editing software to open your DCR file. There are several tools you can use to open your raw file. Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and Photoshop Elements are some common tools you can use. Photoshop may be a bit complicated, but once you get conversant with it, you'll find out that it is simple. However, it's impossible to batch process easily using Photoshop. Photoshop is excellent for editing images. It allows you to edit the images beforehand by using Camera Raw.

Camera Raw is available in both Lightroom and Photoshop, and you need to go through it if you want to edit your photos. Unlike Photoshop, Lightroom does not have the pre-edits option. To use Camera Raw on Adobe Photoshop, press "Open image". Once you are there, you can go ahead and edit your image.

Using AfterShot

The other tool you can use to open your DCR file is AfterShot. Here is how to go about it.

  1. Launch AfterShot: The first thing is to launch the tool that you'll use to open your DCR file. Open the file.
  2. Next, click "File" and "Open".
  3. Identify the DCR file you want to open. Select the file.
  4. Edit and save the DCR file.

How to convert DCR files

With the right tools, it is easy to convert a DCR file to a JPEG. Adobe Lightroom is one of the options you can use to convert your DCR files. It opens your DCR file types with no prompt.

The other program you can use to convert your files is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop forces Camera Raw to open so you can edit your file without opening Photoshop. With Lightroom, Camera Raw becomes part of the import process. The editing programs allow you to edit, import, export, and save the files to JPEG. You can later save the file to GIFS, PNGS, or TIFFs. You can also convert DCR files into other file types such as WAV, AVI, and WMV formats.


Now you know what DCR files are, how to open and convert them. If you are using the file format in your projects, you now know how to use it. Once you master the basics of photography, you'll be on your way to taking stunning photos. Knowing how the different file formats work is a start towards editing your photos and becoming a great photographer.

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