How to Make a Banner: A Guide to Making Your Own Banner

Creating a banner can be as simple a process as you want to make it. Whether you're designing a stunning banner to hang up at an event or creating a banner as part of your decorations for a holiday or special occasion, you want to be sure that it stands out from the crowd. With the right design software, you can create stunning banners that stand out, share needed information, and look amazing. 

What is a banner?

A banner is a long strip, often of cloth, that hangs in a public place. Usually, banners are large pieces of art. They are specifically designed to be seen from a distance. They may convey a slogan or message, or they may simply show off a logo or coat of arms, depending on their purpose.

How to make a banner

Ready to get started? Follow these steps to make your banner.

  • Determine its purpose.

    Do you have a specific message that you want to share on your banner? A particular slogan you want to share? Is your banner being used as a decoration: a coat of arms or a large display of a logo, for example? Determining your banner's purpose can help you select its other design elements. 

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  • Determine the banner's size

    How large do you need your banner to be? Your banner needs to be large enough to convey its message or show off its design from a distance, but small enough to fit into the space it's intended to fit in. You may want to measure the space or consider other design elements before putting together your banner. 

  • Select your banner maker software

    Choose software that can manage the quality appropriate for your banner. If you're designing a large banner, you'll want the details to show up clearly. You don't want to lose significant quality when people get close to the banner. Look for software that includes basic templates to help speed up the design process.

  • Design your banner

    Start by selecting your background color. Do you want your banner to pop, standing out from the background around it? You may want to use a brighter color or a color that contrasts with the room you'll be in. Remember, you'll also want your logo, text, and other images to stand out, so select a background color that fits those needs.

    Next, select the images you want to include. Position those images in a balanced manner. You may want to include your logo on one side or in the middle of the banner. Your banner may also incorporate other images, including pictures of your products or team.

    Finally, add text. Make sure that your text is in a color that can be easily read from a distance. You may want to test your printer ahead of time to make sure that the color you've selected will look as good on paper (or fabric) as it does on the screen, since your printer may not be entirely true to color. Often, for example, blues and purples will pop well on the screen when set against one another, but you may not see the same difference in print.

  • Print

    You may need to work with a professional printing company to have your banner printed. By providing them with the design ahead of time, however, you can save time and ensure that you get exactly the image you want.


CorelDRAW can provide you with the high-quality software you need to design your banner. Get started today to set up a stunning display as the backdrop to your next meeting or event, or to draw attention to your cause.

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