Best Computer for Graphic Design: The Ultimate Guide

Computers are vital for graphic design professionals, so you should choose the best computer for your work. With so many equipment options available, like printers and tablets, it becomes hard to choose a computer that offers a combination of value and performance. Here are the factors to consider when choosing the best computer for graphic design.

Why it's important to have the right computer

Nowadays, you cannot do your graphic design work without a computer. As a graphic designer, you'll want easy multitasking and smooth workflow. A good computer will ensure you produce the best graphic images. You'll also complete your work efficiently when you use the right computer.

How to choose the best computer for graphic design

There are a few factors to consider when looking for a laptop for graphic design. When it comes to choosing a graphic design computer, here are factors to consider.

Processor power (CPU)

It's also worthwhile to consider computer processor power. If you are a serious graphic design software, you'll need a powerful processor to run your tasks smoothly. You can have a better idea of the processor you want by checking the requirements of apps like InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator. Figuring out the software will help you make the right decision.

RAM Memory

The other thing you should consider is computer memory. The memory keeps your computer running faster and it can also multitask. A computer with plenty of memory will allow you to run multiple programs simultaneously. If you are a graphic designer working with Adobe Creative Cloud, you need to have a computer with a lot of memory. A good computer is one with at least 16GB of memory. Such memory can support multiple applications.


The monitor is not something you should hold back on as a graphic designer. You should have a display with accurate colors, optimal brightness, and a high resolution. It's also crucial to buy a monitor with at least a 4k resolution. Anything less than that will only make your images dull. Even though in-plane switching (IPS) may be expensive, it is a must-have for a professional graphic designer.


The graphics processing unit is a valuable component of computers, especially when you are doing graphic design. You should buy a computer with a lot of processing power.


Given the variety of computers available, it's worthwhile to go with a computer with the best performance. Since you will be using the computer for professional work, you should go for one that will give you value for money. As a graphic designer, the computer is your main tool, so it is a vital investment. Make sure you work on a budget when looking for a computer. High-end computers range from $3,000 to $4,000. There are still budget-friendly ones that go for $500, but you'll have to buy a separate monitor.

Disk storage

As a graphic designer, you'll need somewhere to store your files and images. It's always best to have a large amount of storage space. You'll need a hard drive if you want to save your large files. There are two types of hard drives in computers; a solid-state drive (SSD) and a hard disk drive (HDD).

The two work the same, but there are differences. The biggest difference is the price. The HDD is cheaper compared to the SSD. The SSD is durable and has high speed. A computer with an SSD inside will boost faster compared to one with a HDD. You can opt for a computer with a HDD but upgrade later on.


To create unique designs, you'll need a good computer. The above factors will guide you into making the right choice of the best desktop for graphic design.

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