Business Card Ideas: Inspiration for Designing Your Business Card

A beautiful business card design can be the difference between a customer taking interest in your company and a potential client overlooking your brand. How you organize your company's contact information on your business card is vital, but the way you present this information is just as important.

Here, we talk about why business card layout is so important. Plus, we'll give you some business card design ideas to get you started.

Why is business card layout important?

In order to understand why business card layout is important, you should first know what its key components are. A business card layout should include your company's:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Contact information (Ex: phone number, email)
  • Social media accounts (optional)

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How you present this information is key to creating an effective business card design. For example, your logo should take center stage on your business card. You can dedicate one side of your business card exclusively to the logo and have the other side showcase your contact information. Or you can have the logo on both sides. With this layout, the logo will be smaller, on one side of the business card with the contact information.

In terms of layout, you can also use additional graphics to show off your brand identity. Or you can create a little mystery by placing a wordless visual with a URL on one side, and then all the important information (Ex: brand name, contact information) on the other.

Your business card's layout will be your customer's first impression of their business. The way you layout your information will determine what people will see first.

Business card design ideas

If you don't know where to start and need a little inspiration, here are some business card layout ideas:

  1. Artsy

    Looking for a creative business card design? Go for one that's artsy and fashionable. Creative business card designs with this style are quite fashionable and have a decorative flair. You can choose from colorful visuals such as paint splatter, brush strokes, geometric shapes, floral designs, and more. Artsy business card designs put on display your eye for color and harmonious composition.

  2. Professional

    Professional business cards are clean and simple. While many professional business cards focus on visuals, others are just as effective highlighting what matters most: information. Professional business cards aim to help potential customers focus on what the business is about and what it aims to accomplish. 

  3. Antique

    Retro, vintage-style business cards, reminiscent of the Wild West are clean and elegant. These cool business card designs show your clients that you appreciate the classics.

  4. Minimal

    The geometric and minimal business card design communicates that your business is dynamic, productive, and progressive. A minimalist business card design doesn't mean you shouldn't include bright colors or complex elements. It just means you're letting the typeface do all the talking. A minimalist business card design should always be easy to read and add a touch of sophistication.

  5. Bold

    A bold business card effectively communicates your brand's personality. It often shows that your brand is forward-thinking, experimental, and playful. Bold colors like lime green, fire-engine red, and canary yellow can make your business card stand out from the crowd.

  6. Unique

    If you're looking for unique business card ideas, go for something memorable using texture, shapes, and/or interesting patterns. This makes a huge statement that you're highly creative and not afraid to take risks.


Finding the perfect balance between eye-catching and tasteful can be challenging when creating a business card design. But when you get it right, the result will be well worth it.

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